Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Neutrality
Carbon Neutrality is striking a balance between the emission and absorption of greenhouse gases, top achieve a virtual state of zero carbon emissions overall.
The Toyota Tsusho Group will accelerate initiatives for achieving carbon neutrality so that we can help realize a sustainable society and fulfill the mission of "passing on a better global environment to the children of the future."

The Toyota Tsusho Group's Initiatives for Achieving Carbon Neutrality

We will drive the achievement
of carbon neutrality,
focusing on our five areas of strength

Renewable Energy &
Energy Management


Hydrogen &
Alternative Fuels

Resource Circulation & 3Rs

Economy of Life

Carbon Neutrality Strategy Map

The Toyota Tsusho Group's initiatives for contributing to the transition to a decarbonized society

The Toyota Tsusho Group is involved in businesses that support the circular economy throughout each stage of the industrial lifecycle including energy creation, energy collection and coordination, manufacturing, transportation and use of goods, waste processing, and reuse and recycling as part of its initiatives to contribute to the transition to a decarbonized society. Based on the growth strategies envisioned in 5 areas, each WG will expand its business and accelerate the achievement of carbon neutrality.

Reduction Targets

Carbon neutrality by 2050

Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
by 50% below 2019 levels by 2030

Scope of application: Parent company and domestic/overseas consolidated subsidiaries (Scope 1 and Scope 2)

*For Scope 3, we are promoting concrete actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the value chain, in cooperation with our suppliers and customers

Investment Strategy

By 2030, Toyota Tsusho will invest 1.6 trillion yen scale by 2030 to reinforce businesses moving towards carbon neutrality
Renewable energy and energy management
700.0 billion yen
400.0 billion yen
Hydrogen and alternative fuel
200.0 billion yen
Resource circulation and the 3Rs*
*Rebuild, Reuse, Recycle
200.0 billion yen
Economy of Life
(Fields relating to medicine, clothing, food and housing)
100.0 billion yen

Toyota Tsusho Information Related to Carbon Neutrality

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