Message from the President & CEO

The external environment surrounding our company is expected to remain highly uncertain due to division and conflict in international society, financial market trends in Europe and the United States, and volatility in resource prices, among other factors. Additionally, the further acceleration of efforts to realize a decarbonized society and the progress of digital transformation, including advances in AI, as well as other developments continue to change our world with unprecedented scope and speed.

Even under the current circumstances, the Toyota Tsusho Group views these changes as opportunities for further growth, and, to fulfill our new responsibilities and roles, the time has come for us to take on the challenges of our next new stage.

Our corporate group has organized its business areas of strength and the themes of carbon neutrality and the circular economy into seven priority domains (Next Mobility, Renewable Energy & Energy Management, Africa, Circular Economy, Batteries, Hydrogen & Alternative Fuels, Economy of Life*) and positioned them as growth strategies for achieving our Mid-term Business Plan.

To further accelerate the realization of our growth strategies in these priority domains, we initiated a new organizational structure in April 2024. Our divisions’ names, which had been conventionally based on the products the divisions handled, now express the value the divisions provide to society and our customers and are based on clear missions. We will promote our business with this new organizational structure. Under the slogan of “Passing on a better global environment to the children of the future”, by being future-oriented and sincere, we are determined to realize “Be the Right ONE” as an irreplaceable presence for society and our customers and continue to be a company that is trusted and chosen.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all stakeholders who have supported the development of our corporate group, and we humbly request your continued support and encouragement.

  • *Businesses that are essential to people's daily lives, such as healthcare and food, and that contribute to the realization of a comfortable and peaceful future society
Ichiro Kashitani

Ichiro Kashitani, President & CEO
1st of April 2024

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