Accounting and Financial Information

QWhen is the accounting term and when are earnings announcements made?

The Company's fiscal period ends on March 31st of every year. Earnings announcements are made every quarter.
Please review the IR calendar for the schedule of dates when earnings announcements will be made.

IR Calendar

QHow to obtain information regarding Toyota Tsusho's financial performance?

Please refer to "Financial Statements" and "Financial Highlights" page.

QWhat is the Company's outlook for the current fiscal year?

Please refer to "Financial Results and Outlook" page.

Financial Results and Outlook

Stock Related Information

QWhat is the Company's securities code?

It is 8015. For more information regarding recent stock prices,please visit the "Stock Information" section of this website.

Stock price information

QWhat is the Company's stock structure?

Please click here to find information regarding the Company's stock structure.

Major Shareholders

QWhen is the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting?

The Annual General Shareholders' Meeting is held in late June every year. For more detail regarding this year's schedule,please visit the "Shareholders Meeting" section of this website.

Shareholders Meeting

QHow much is Toyota-tsusho's dividend and dividend policy?

Please refer to "Dividend per share" on Financial Highlights page and "Dividend Policy" page.

Dividend per share

Dividend Policy

QDoes the Company have a Special Shareholder Benefit Plan?

Currently,the Company does not have such a plan.


QHow to get the copy of Annual Report ?

A. The following documents are available in PDF format.

Annual Report/Integrated Report

If you would like to receive a hard copy of our Annual Report.
Please make a request through the "Request Form", and write
down your name, zip-code, address , telephone number and
e-mail address.

QHow do I make inquiries regarding IR related activities?

Inquiries can be made by clicking here. In addition, inquiries can also be by writing or calling the following inquiry desk.

Corporate Planning Department
Investor Relation Office


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