Information Security Policy

In order to protect information assets from all kinds of threats, we have established the following information security policy, and all officers and employees of TTC understand and recognize this on a global basis, and strive to manage important information appropriately.

Efforts for information security

Recognizing the importance of information security, we have established a management system in order to respond to risks related to information security. We have established and complied with related regulations and guidelines, and we regularly review it to facilitate appropriate management.

Legal compliance

We will endeavor to ensure compliance with laws and regulations related to information security and other social norms.

Information asset management

We shall appropriately manage and strive to protect the security of information assets (including Personal Information and Specific Personal Information) in order to ensure Confidentiality, Completeness, and Availability while preventing any unauthorized access, leakage, loss, or damage.

Incident response

We strive to prevent incidents and accidents related to information security, and in the event of an incident, we will strive to prevent a recurrence after promptly responding to the incident and investigating the cause.

Information security education

We will raise awareness among all executives and employees of the importance of the appropriate management of information assets, and we will continue to provide information security education.

Efforts for Digital Transformation

In creating new Added Value and reforming the business model, we are committed to providing sufficient security measures with a focus on providing safe and secure services to customers and society, even when working on digital transformation.