Social Media Policy


Toyota Tsusho Corporation (“TTC”) has established the following Social Media Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”) to engage in better communication with our customers when providing information or communicating on TTC social media.

TTC requests that all users (“Users”) who use our official social media accounts (the “Accounts”) agree to these Terms of Use before using the Accounts. Users shall be deemed to have agreed to these Terms of Use when they use the Accounts.

Purpose of Operation of Accounts

TTC will provide information and communicate through the Accounts so that more people can learn about our business and the passion of TTC employees for our business and also to enable interaction between Users and TTC.

Following, Sharing, Retweeting, etc.

TTC may follow other accounts, “like ” posts on other accounts, share (meaning share, retweet, etc.) such posts, remove “likes,” delete shares and so on as necessary.


  1. 1TTC will make official announcements on the TTC website or in the press room, etc. Information provided by TTC or its employees through the Accounts is not an official announcement by TTC. No content posted by Users reflects the opinions or ideas of TTC, its employees or persons affiliated with TTC.
  2. 2TTC does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of information posted on the Accounts. Information on social media is true as of the time it was provided and is subject to change.
  3. 3TTC shall not be responsible or liable for any damage that may arise from use of or the inability to use the Accounts.
  4. 4TTC shall not be responsible or liable for any issue or dispute between Users or between a User and a third party arising out of or in connection with the Accounts. If a User causes any damage to a third party in connection with the use of the Accounts, the User shall pay compensation for the damage or resolve any dispute between the User and the third party at the User’s own risk and expense. The User shall indemnify and hold TTC harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, losses and expenses.
  5. 5TTC does not warrant or approve information in posts, etc. uploaded by Users.
  6. 6TTC may view, comment on or otherwise access profile information or information on posts disclosed by Users to the public on social media such as their names, profile pictures, gender, network, user IDs or friend lists for the purpose of Account operation. By using the Accounts, Users shall be deemed to have given approval for access by TTC.
  7. 7TTC may change the method of operation of the Accounts or suspend or discontinue the Accounts without prior notice. TTC may also revise these Terms of Use without prior notice.


When Users use the Accounts, Users shall be prohibited from engaging in the following conduct (including posting the URL of a website that includes language related such conduct). If a User engages in any of the following prohibited conduct, TTC may delete posts and comments, block and delete an account, unfollow or take other necessary actions. If a User engages in any of the following prohibited acts and causes any damage to TTC, TTC may demand compensatory damages from the User.

  1. 1Pretending to be someone else or TTC;
  2. 2Political activities, election campaigning and religious activities;
  3. 3Posting or transmitting a harmful computer program;
  4. 4Copying, selling, publishing or otherwise using information obtained through the Accounts beyond personal use;
  5. 5Interfering with the operation of the Accounts or adversely affecting or causing a likelihood of adversely affecting TTC or a third party;
  6. 6Spamming;
  7. 7Interfering with the use or access by other Users;
  8. 8Attempting to unlawfully access TTC’s network through password mining, hacking or other means;
  9. 9Posting content or otherwise transmitting information without a legal right under laws, fiduciary relationship or contractual relationship;
  10. 10Posting language that falls under the following categories (including comparable language):
    • Content intended to engage in a criminal act or that induces a criminal act;
    • Content that infringes copyrights, trademark rights or other rights of TTC or a third party;
    • Content relating to the privacy of a third party;
    • Content that is contrary to laws and regulations or public policy;
    • Content that defames a specific individual, company, country or region including TTC;
    • Content that defames the products or services of TTC or a third party;
    • Commercial content for affiliate marketing, advertising or promotional purposes (including websites other than the website of each social media company for affiliate marketing, advertising or promotional purposes if Users are directed to such websites);
    • Inappropriate content that includes obscene or violent language;
    • Content related to race, ethnicity, gender, religious or political topics;
    • Content that discriminates or encourages discrimination on the basis of race, ideas or beliefs, etc.;
    • Rumors or content that provokes rumors or includes false information;
    • Posts with content that is irrelevant to the content of the Accounts (such as jokes, meaningless strings of letters or scripts);
    • Confidential or undisclosed information of TTC or posts that can be regarded as such;
    • Content that causes or is likely to cause adverse effects or damage to TTC or a third party;
    • Other content prohibited by the terms of use of each social media company; and
  11. 11Other conduct that is deemed to be comparable to any of the above conduct by TTC or content deemed inappropriate by TTC in light of the purpose of operation of the Accounts.

Copyrights to Posts, etc.

The ownership of copyrights and all other intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to copyrights, design rights, patent rights, utility model rights, trademark rights and knowhow) in or to information provided by TTC through the Accounts shall belong to TTC or a person with legal rights. If a User posts on the Accounts, the ownership of copyrights, etc. in or to the post shall belong to the User who uploaded the post; however, the User shall be deemed by uploading the post to have granted TTC a non-exclusive right to use (including to process, excerpt, copy, release and translate) the posted content in the entire world without charge and to have agreed not to exercise copyrights or moral rights against TTC.

Personal Information

When TTC collects personal information from Users in connection with the Accounts, TTC shall manage the information appropriately in accordance with the terms of use of each social media and the Privacy Policy established by TTC.


If a User breaches these Terms of Use and causes any damage to TTC in connection with the use of the Accounts, TTC may demand compensatory damages from the User.

Revision of Policies in these Terms of Use

TTC may revise the policies set forth in these Terms of Use without obtaining the consent of Users. In this case, the revised Terms of Use shall automatically take effect at the time when TTC announces the revised Terms of Use by posting them on the website or other methods.

Website Terms of Use

TTC’s Website Terms of Use shall apply to the limitation of warranties and liability, copyrights, etc., disclaimers, personal information, governing law and jurisdiction to the extent not in conflict with these Terms of Use.