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Began business in Africa

CFAO S.A. established

Began automobile-related business


Toyo Menka Kaisha, Ltd. (capital: ¥12.5 million, head office: Osaka) established; cotton business taken over from Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

Mr.Shoichi Ishikawa, general manager, Tokyo Branch of Kato Shokai Co., Ltd. Founds Kato Shogyo(Commerce) Co., Ltd. the forerunner of Kasho Co., Ltd. at Nihonbashi, Tokyo, after the Tokyo Branch burns down in tha Great Kanto Earthquake. Kato Shogyo starts trading activities mainly with Southeast Asia.(Capital:¥200,000)

Singapore Office established

Kobe Office established

Corporate name changed to Kasho Co., Ltd.

Nagoya Office established

Osaka Office established

Toyota Kinyuu Kaisha, the Company's predecessor, was a company established in 1936 to provide sales financing for Toyota vehicles.

1946 Headquarters of Toyota Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.,(Toyota Kaikan)

Developing as the Toyota Group's Trading Company

Machinery, metals, and foodstuffs businesses started

Trading division of Toyota Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd., established as a separate company under the name Nisshin Tsusho Kaisha, Ltd.

Sanyo Oil & Fat Industrial Co., Ltd. (currently Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd.) established through joint investment with Toyo Rayon Co., Ltd. (currently Toray Industries, Inc.)

Listed on the Osaka and Tokyo stock exchanges

Toyomenka, Inc. (currently Tomen America Inc.) established

Merger with Kanegafuchi Trading Co., Ltd.; textile business expanded
Listed on the Nagoya stock exchange

Company name changed to Toyoda Tsusho Kaisha, Ltd.


San Francisco Office established

Stock listed on the second section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange

Merger with Taiyo Bussan Kaisha Ltd.; foodstuffs business expanded

Merger with Nankai Kogyo Co., Ltd.; metals business expanded

Began exporting Toyota vehicles, starting with the Dominican Republic

Sunpot Co., Ltd. established

Grain silo business launched; operation of grain-processing complex in Higashinada started

Stock listed on Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange(Captal:¥363 million).
San Francisco Office formed into corporation under the name of Kasho (U.S.A.) Inc.

Began handling of Toyota vehicles

Maiden voyage of "Toyota Maru No.7" towards Central America.

Jakarta Representative Office established

Japanese name changed to Kabushiki Kaisha Tomen; dual head office system (Tokyo, Osaka) adopted

New head office building completed

Stock listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Stock listed on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (Capital:¥1,144million)

Stepping Up Overseas Forays as Toyota Globalizes

Beijing Representative Office established

Tohoku Grain Terminal Co., Ltd. Established

Teijin Advanced Products Corporation (currently Tomen Electronics Corporation) acquired

Tokyo branch converted to head office, complementing the Nagoya head office in a two-head office system

Shanghai Representative Office established

Warrant bonds (US$70 million) issued on the European market
Company name changed to Toyota Tsusho Corporation

Power supply business launched; wind power generation project started in the U.S.A.

Kasho (U.S.A.) Inc. establishes Chicago Office

Tomen Power Corporation Established

Manila Representative Office established

London branch closed and Toyomenka (U.K.) Ltd. Established

Fukuoka Office established. Kobe Office integrated into Osaka Office

Spin-off of cotton business; Toyo Cotton (Japan) Co. established
Operational rights in Japan acquired from Chevron Chemical, including trademark and exclusive development and distribution rights for agrochemical product "ORTRAN"
P.T.Styrindo Mono Indonesia established
English name changed to Tomen Corporation

Business Division system commenced, with three divisions established: Foods, General Merchandise and Paper & Pulp, and Chemicals & Rubber

Tomen Devices Corporation established

Myanmar Liaison Office set up

Business partnership with Heineken

Myanmar Liaison Office formed into corporation under the name of Myanmar Kasho Co., Ltd.

Acquired shares of Eurapharma

Kasho merges with Tokyo Maruichi Shoji Co., Ltd.(Capital:¥1,656million).
Ho Chi Minh City Representative Office established.

Business alliance formed with Kasho Company, Ltd.

Business tie-up concluded with Toyota Tsusho Corporation

Tomen Electronics Corporation listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Merging and Forming Tie-Ups to Expand Value Chains Outside of the Automotive Sector

Capital investment and business tie-up commenced with Tomen Corporation
Merger with Kasho Company, Ltd.

New-build offshore drilling rig in Egypt.

Merger with Toyota Tsusho Corporation

Capital and business alliance initiated with Toyota Tsusho Corporation (private placement of shares worth ¥7.5 billion)

Stock listing of Tomen Electronics Corporation upgraded to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Life science business integrated with Arysta LifeScience Corporation
Spin-off of part of power supply business into Tomen Power Holdings Corporation (currently Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation) conducted

Sunpot Co., Ltd. listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Private placement of shares worth ¥10 billion to Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation undertaken

Tomen Devices Corporation listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Stock listing of Tomen Devices Corporation upgraded to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Merger with Tomen Corporation
VISION 2015-LEAD THE NEXT (targeting 50:50 earningsratio for automotive sector and non-automotive sectorbusinesses) launched

Merger with Toyota Tsusho Corporation

IPO (Euronext)

Aiming to Become a Value-Generating Corporation that Addresses Socialand Environmental Issues Using its Automotive-Sector Foundations

Began handling of agricultural and
construction machinery

Began leasing business

Global 2020 Vision (targeting business portfolio with balanced 1:1:1 ratio between three domains (Tri Domains)launched

Acquired shares of CFAO, France’s largest trading company dedicated to business in Africa

Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation converted to a subsidiary
Capital participation commenced in French trading company CFAO S.A. (Photograph below is of Company President Jun Karube and Richard Bielle, Chairman of the Management Board at CFAO)

We are accelerating investment in new business fields. For example, in 2012 we commenced capital participation in CFAO S.A., a French trading company that has automotive and pharmaceutical operations centered on Africa. A particular emphasis is being placed on renewable energy, businesses in Africa, and other areas that have been seeing significant expansion in demand from society and also represent areas in which the Company can leverage its strengths and generate synergies.

Jun Karube, President & CEO at TTC and Richard Bielle, Chairman of the Management Board at CFAO (current as of the time)

Began retail business

Our Global Vision - for the next 10 years established in 2016 - encapsulates the major goals we seek to achieve by 2025.
CFAO SAS converted into wholly owned subsidiary

Next New Stage

Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation converted into wholly owned subsidiary

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