Healthcare is action and health management to maintain and improve health.
Toyota Tsusho attaches great importance to the field of healthcare, the "economy of life," which protects the day-to-day activities and peoples' lives, and is therefore supporting businesses that contribute to solving social issues from a global perspective.

Aims to protect people's lives and healthy and prosperous lifestyles,
as well as create new value for society, by helping to resolve social issues through business activities

Medical and Healthcare

More consumers have been reevaluating their day-to-day lives during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the value of existing products and services are being called into question.
In addition, the value of respecting the global environment is rapidly spreading, and we are being urged to increase transparency in supply chains and make flexible and timely responses to major changes in consumer needs.

In the medical and healthcare business, Toyota Tsusho is reinforcing its rehabilitation, nursing care products, and other businesses intended to help resolve social issues in Japan. It is also contributing to the development of local healthcare in India by growing the hospital business and building connections with peripheral businesses to provide Japanese healthcare technologies and services.

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