For corporations, sustainability refers to the potential to survive in the future by fulfilling social responsibilities, as well as making profit.
Toyota Tsusho regards sustainability as a form of management. We aspire for sustainability management and are working towards value creation that transcends solving social issues.

Toyota Tsusho Group's Stance on Sustainability

Toyota Tsusho Group

The Toyota Tsusho Group has positioned its corporate philosophy of living and prospering together with people, society, and the planet, to become a value-generating corporation that contributes to the creation of prosperous societies, as its highest unchanging concept, which should be handed down through the generations. The Toyota Tsusho Group has enhanced its corporate value by engaging in environment-friendly businesses and developing human resources who will contribute to society.

Key Sustainability Issues

Top-priority Issues for Both Resolving Social Issues and Achieving Corporate Growth The Toyota Tsusho Group's Key Sustainability Issues (Materiality) Strive for the elimination of traffic casualties and contribute to the creation of a safe and comfortable mobility society Contribute to the transition to a carbon neutral society by reducing CO2 emissions from automotive, manufacturing, and energy plant construction through the use of clean energy and innovative technologies Contribute to the development of a recycling-based society by transforming waste into resources for manufacturing Grow with developing countries, including those in Africa, and endeavor to resolve social issues through business operations Top-priority Issues that will become Foundations for Company Growth Begin everything we do with ensuring safety and compliance, and continue to be an organization trusted by society Respect human rights, and actively develop people who will contribute to society by nurturing them and giving them opportunities to apply their skills

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