Initiatives for Addressing Key Sustainability Issues (Materiality)

Respect human rights, and actively develop people who will contribute to society by nurturing them and giving them opportunities to apply their skills


Toyota Tsusho promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) as a management strategy. We are striving to create work environments that bring out the strengths of diverse personnel by undertaking reforms to implement more flexible and productive ways of working.

Also, we are working to develop human resources who can create business from a global perspective and who can achieve success in the global market, and are providing occupational training opportunities to local communities and actively developing human resources within and outside the company who are valuable to and contribute to society. Starting with our company, we are taking measures to eliminate child labor and forced labor from our entire supply chain, thereby improving the labor environment from various perspectives as a company that values and protects people.


Quantitative KPIs
Human resources development
  • Development of aspiring human resources who can take the initiative in management and engage in joint creation with others
  • Implemented selective training for employees of Toyota Tsusho Group companies around the world to develop global management human resources
  • Implemented selective in-house training to acquire management aspirations and skills that are “unique to Toyotsu,” as well as next-generation management/leader development training for employees of group companies in Japan
Promotion of health and productivity management
  • Maintenance and improvement of the physical and mental health of every employee
  • Selected as a health and productivity management brand for three consecutive years
  • Made improvement of employees’ health literacy a top priority and implemented measures based on the three guidelines for health and productivity management
  • Established a health and productivity management strategy map, implemented measures and seminars to improve target indicators, and started reducing the number of employees working long overtime hours
Promotion of DE&I
  • Active participation by diverse human resources
  • Review of work styles and support of work–life balance
  • Fostering a corporate culture that leverages diversity and changing individual awareness
  • Formulated individual development plans for female employees and implemented internal and external mentoring programs as measures to support the active participation of women
  • Implemented office reforms and revised the telecommuting system toward realizing work styles that reflect the identity of Toyota Tsusho in this era of a new normal
  • Revised the childcare leave system and conducted training to encourage male employees to use it
  • Expanded the number of participants in training programs aimed at improving the communication skills of supervisors, and supported alumni activities after the programs
Right places for the right people and right people in the right places
  • Strengthening of management foundation through proactive efforts to put the right people in the right places and find the right places for the right people
  • Visualized human assets (successor candidates) from among all group employees who can play expected roles in major posts in Japan and overseas
  • Formulated individual development plans for all successor candidates and discussed them at the Global Human Resources Committee
  • Acquired ISO 30414 certification (for second Asian company/first distribution company) to strengthen human capital management
Respect for human rights
  • Understanding human rights issues in the countries and regions where we do business and taking appropriate measures to solve them
  • Clarified stance on human rights in the Supply Chain Sustainability Behavioral Guidelines and asked suppliers to share and implement the guidelines
  • Conducted human rights due diligence efforts for all consolidated subsidiaries to address human rights risks through business activities
Proactive external activities
  • Activities and growth with deep ties to local communities through participation in volunteer activities and other programs
  • Support for the development of future leaders through programs such as the international student scholarship program
  • Held a series of online lectures by potential donor organizations to promote employees' understanding of social contribution activities and encourage participation in external activities (five lectures were held in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023)
  • The international student scholarship program welcomed its 12th class of 15 students and continues to operate as an international education support program
  1. Note: For quantitative information on human capital, please see theHuman Capital Report[PDF:1.27MB].

Human Resources Development Principle

We seek to “Be the Right ONE” by undertaking business with awareness by each individual of solving social issues and by providing value unique to Toyota Tsusho. To do this, we identify and nurture individuals with strengths distinctive to Toyota Tsusho. We practice the optimal assignment of personnel and build optimal and powerful teams by enabling each person to become a strong individual.

Toyotsu Inno-Ventures Project

The Toyotsu Inno-Ventures Project (TIVP) is a companywide project with the mission of identifying and enhancing the seeds of new business to create new businesses. Ideas for new business are solicited from within the company and proof of concept (PoC) verification is performed, ultimately leading to business developing within a sales division. The fiscal year ending March 31, 2024, marks the sixth year of this project, and we value each employee’s aspiration and proactive approach to management to contribute to solving social issues while being aware of the alignment of ideas and Materiality. This project instills a strong sense of ownership among participants and develops strong individuals who thoroughly pursue customer needs.