Toyota Tsusho Commences Provision of Online Platform "Streams" That Connects, Strengthens, and Creates Supply Chains
- Toward reforming supply chains and creating new businesses through the promotion of digital transformation -

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Toyota Tsusho Corporation ("Toyota Tsusho") announces it has launched the online platform "Streams" in August 2021 to contribute toward the promotion of digital transformation (DX) and the achievement of carbon neutrality. Streams provides timely information and solutions to customers to connect, strengthen, and create supply chains.

1. Background

The manufacturing industry is facing a period of transformation. For example, the spread of COVID-19 has affected supply chains in terms of significant fluctuations in the quantity of goods, and rapid responses toward reducing greenhouse gases are being undertaken due to the global trend of carbon neutrality. With changes in their environments, companies are searching for responses such as reviewing their supply chains, including the development of new transportation methods. In addition, amid restrictions on sales activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are requirements for the use of digital technologies and other new methods for the promotion of carbon neutrality and creation of new businesses.

Toyota Tsusho established the DX Acceleration Department in April 2020. This is a groupwide organization specializing in DX which uses digital technologies to improve the efficiency of current operations, to facilitate adding and creating new value to existing businesses, and to promote challenges toward the new field.

2. About online platform Streams

To respond speedily to the changes in the surrounding environment, Toyota Tsusho has commenced the provision of the online platform Streams. Streams has three functions: CONNECTED*1 which connects supply chains, SOLUTIONS which strengthens them, and INCUBATIONS which creates them.

CONNECTED provides instant visualization of estimated costs related to international transportation freight, and allowing further communication regarding the quotation given to be completed online. In addition, it has a carbon calculation function*2 for visualizing CO2 emission in the designated transportation method to propose alternative methods that are friendlier to the environment. This provides opportunities to our users for considering the promotion of carbon neutrality in transportation.

SOLUTIONS introduces the diverse services and actual achievement examples related to
Toyota Tsusho’s commercial logistics services, enable to provide the key to solution against problems faced by customers.

INCUBATIONS, as a free open platform, is a solution for matching companies seeking partners to create new supply chains.

Through offering these functions, Toyota Tsusho will support the promotion of manufacturing and service creation from our stakeholders by achieving things such as the provision of solutions according to needs, centralized management of data, and vitalize the communication between customers.

Toyota Tsusho will accelerate the promotion of DX in operations related to supply chains. At the same time, Toyota Tsusho will work to create further added value for customers while responding to transformations in industries.

Landing page of online platform “Streams”



*1 Streams CONNECTED
This is a solution that was created during the groupwide project “Toyotsu Inno-Ventures Project (TIVP),” which was launched in 2018 and had the mission of discovering and polishing new business seeds to lead toward the creation of new businesses.

*2 Carbon calculator function
This is a function on Streams CONNECTED, whereby CO2 emission is displayed based on the transportation method entered and alternative methods emitting less CO2 are proposed. This function is expected to be made available from end-September 2021.

The information in this release is current as of the date of announcement.
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