Initiatives to Address Key Sustainability Issues (Materiality)

Begin everything we do with ensuring safety and compliance, and continue to be an organization trusted by society


All corporate activities are supported by social trust and sustained by social confidence. The Toyota Tsusho Group does its utmost to ensure safety in related companies and the safety of all workers. We are constantly engaged in activities that earn society's trust and confidence, such as conducting safety education activities at plants and offices using our practical safety workshops and ensuring high levels of quality that guarantee safety and security.
In our day-to-day operations, we define specific codes of conduct for all sites and offices, both in Japan and overseas, and strictly comply with laws and regulations such as those concerned with preventing corruption or anticompetitive behavior. We are improving our management transparency and enhancing our corporate governance.


Quantitative KPIs
Lost work time incident rate*: seeking zero accidents

Results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020


Results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021

Qualitative KPIs
Development of occupational safety and health systems
  • Practical safety workshop : implementation of office practical safety classes
  • Comprehensively disseminate information on crisis management to domestic and overseas group companies
Reinforcing compliance
  • Raise awareness of the COCE; obtain written pledges from all officers and employees
  • Establish whistleblowing systems in Japan and overseas and use IT and AI to monitor for signs of improper conduct
Reinforce internal controls
  • Reinforce group governance by having the Audit Department (under the direct authority of the president & CEO) conduct audits of subsidiaries and dispatching full-time auditors
  • Create mechanisms by establishing a Toyota Tsusho Group basic computer security incident response team (CSIRT) policy and formulating guidelines
Promote internal and external communications
  • Conduct fair disclosure through dialogues with domestic and overseas institutional investors and briefings for individual investors
  1. *1A calculation of the number of fatalities and injuries resulting from industrial accidents per million hours of actual work
  2. *2Scope: Main domestic and overseas affiliated companies

Based on the beliefs that safety and compliance are the cornerstones for all work and that safety management is a matter of human resources development, Toyota Tsusho conducts safety and health education not just for Toyota Tsusho Group employees but, upon request, also for the employees of suppliers.

We conduct rank-based safety and health training for new employees, mid-level employees, managers, and executives and are expanding the scope of education by conducting training for persons involved in operations at suppliers.

To heighten employee sensitivity to danger by having them experience hazardous work, in 2009 we established a Practical Safety Workshop at Toyota Steel Center Co., Ltd. The workshop offers simulations of 62 different types of hazards, including being squeezed between objects and dangers involving heavy items. Educational materials on predicting six types of hazards have also been prepared. Workshop attendance is also open to the personnel of suppliers who take part in Toyota Tsusho's Safety and Health Cooperation Council. The workshop serves to raise awareness regarding safety and health. Despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, a total of 287 persons participated in these workshops in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021, and the cumulative number of participants since their establishment reached 9,684 persons.

As of April 2021