Social Contribution

Basic Policy for Social Contribution Activities

As "a good corporate citizen", Toyota Tsusho Corporation aims to "live and prosper together with people, society and the Earth," and to contribute to the creation of a prosperous society.

Promotion of Activities

Three key themes
Three key themes

Based on its Corporate Philosophy of "live and prosper together with people, society and the Earth, and aim to be a value-generating corporation that contributes to the creation of a prosperous society," Toyota Tsusho has identified people (education), society (welfare) , and the earth (environment) as the three key themes of our social contribution activities, and we engage ourselves in activities around the world to help realize a more prosperous society.

In terms of specific activities, we select and implement substantive and effective programs that strike a balance among the following three approaches of "by company," "by officer and employee" and "by business activity." Toyota Tsusho also encourages officers and employees, supporting their participation in these activities, while the company as a whole voluntarily participates in activities in an autonomous manner aimed at realizing the creation of a prosperous society and at fulfilling our social responsibilities.

Report of Social Contribution Activities

We address Key Sustainability Issues (Materiality) through our social contribution activities.

A report on the social contribution activities carried out by the Toyota Tsusho Group in fiscal year 2022.

Strive for the elimination of traffic casualties and contribute to the creation of a safe and comfortable mobility society

Traffic Safety Awareness Activities

We contribute to local communities by participating in traffic safety campaigns organized by local police departments.

At a bicycle safety class for children at an elementary school near our Tokyo Head Office, we distributed a traffic safety drill that summarized key points for riding a bicycle. We also distributed booklets for elderly drivers at a traffic safety campaign for the elderly held at Shinagawa Station. In addition, we distributed drills summarizing points to be aware of when commuting to and from school for first-year students at nearby elementary schools and other measures. We are working to spread awareness of traffic safety with the support of local police departments.

Campaigning for Traffic Safety

Employees of Toyotsu Logistics Service Co., Ltd., a Toyota Tsusho Group company, stood by the sides of public roads at domestic worksites to campaign for traffic safety during the spring and autumn National Traffic Safety Campaigns. At the Anjo Device Logistics Center, and at the Miyoshi Logistics Center I and II, all employees including executives took part in the campaigns. They urged drivers on public roads, company commuters, and delivery truck drivers to drive safely.

"School Kids Visit" Traffic Safety Education

Every year, Toyota Lakozy Auto Private Ltd., a Toyota Tsusho Group company in Mumbai, India, conducts social studies tours for local elementary school students as part of its "traffic safety education" program. Children watch demonstrations of car repairs and car washing to better understand basic information about cars and the importance of safety.

Toyota Lakozy Auto Private Ltd. also holds a safe driving course with the cooperation of the Toyota Driving School. Children hear explanations about traffic signals and learn the importance of fastening their seatbelts when riding in a car. Toyota Lakozy Auto Private Ltd. will continue these kinds of community activities to contribute to the safety of the community as an automobile sales and service company.

Contribute to the transition to a decarbonized society by reducing CO2 emissions from automobiles and factories/plants through the use of clean energy and innovative technologies

Cleanup Campaign at Fujimae Tidal Flat, Registered as a Ramsar Convention Site

We participate in cleanup campaigns to support environmental conservation of the Fujimae Tidal Flat extending across the tip of Fujimae, Minato district, Nagoya City. In fiscal year 2022, 18 employees and family members of Toyota Tsusho and its Group companies joined the campaign. Fujimae Tidal Flat serves as a vital stopover sites for many kinds of migratory birds. Located near the company's Nagoya Head Office, it's an urban oasis for wildlife. Unfortunately, the tidal flat and nearby shores are flooded with garbage brought in on the tides, including PET bottles, plastic bags, Styrofoam and other petrochemical-based trash. Going forward, we will continue to work together with local citizens groups and the government to protect valuable environmental resources.

Morning Clean! - Early Morning Cleanup in Office Neighborhoods

As part of our contribution to local communities, we hold monthly cleanup activities in neighborhoods close to our Tokyo and Nagoya head offices. In fiscal year 2022, 209 employees from Toyota Tsusho and its Group companies participated. Going forward, we will continue to proactively organize beautification campaigns and fulfill our role as a local corporate citizen.

Public visits to wind and solar power generation plants

The vision of Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation, a member of the Toyota Tsusho Group, is to become a trusted corporation that grows hand-in-hand with local communities. To this end, every year the company invites members of the public to tour more than 40 wind and solar power generation plants it operates in Japan. During the tours, visitors learn how wind and sunlight generate electric power, see actual windmills and solar panels close-up, and enhance public understanding of the electric power industry.

Collection of Marine Debris on the Miura Peninsula

Toyotsu Chemiplas Corporation, a Toyota Tsusho Group company, is concerned about marine debris issues. In cooperation with OWS, a marine environmental NPO, the company holds an internal photo exhibition on marine debris issues and conducts marine debris collection activities on the Miura Peninsula.

Toyotsu Chemiplas Corporation believes that experiencing marine debris firsthand will help people think about what is needed to solve the issue, recognize the need to tackle it, and link these efforts to corporate activities in the future.

Contribute to the development of a recycling-based society by transforming waste into resources for manufacturing

Delivering Educational Toys to Children in Children's Homes

Since fiscal year 2015, we have collaborated with NPO The Life Style Research Institute of Forests to deliver wooden educational toys to Japanese children. Wooden blocks, puzzles, and stamps for hiragana and katakana phonics characters are made out of wood collected from tree-thinning in Japan's forests. When carrying out these activities, we take care to inform our employees of the state of the forests that are being thinned, as a means of raising environmental awareness and contributing to society.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, in fiscal year 2022 employees took part in these activities entirely at home. A total of 96 employees from Toyota Tsusho and our Group companies created three boxfuls of educational puzzles, which were donated to local children's homes as part of our local community contribution activities.

Sustainable Business Cards Made from Eggshells

Our business cards are made from environmentally friendly FSC-certified paper that is blended from dried and crushed eggshells that would otherwise be discarded. Approximately 250,000 tons of eggshells are generated annually which are disposed of as industrial waste through incineration or landfill at a cost. We are effectively utilizing eggshells as a resource to reduce the amount of eggshell waste, reduce CO2 emitted during transportation and incineration, and reduce the consumption of trees that absorb CO2.

Collecting Waste Cooking Oil for Recycling into Biofuel

Fuji Sangyo Co., Ltd., a Toyota Tsusho Group company, collects waste cooking oil generated at sites that provide meal services and offers it for recycling into biofuel.

Until now, cooking oil used for cooking has been solidified with a coagulant and disposed of as combustible waste. However, by supplying it as biodiesel fuel for ships, Fuji Sangyo Co., Ltd. is now able to contribute to a circulation-model carbon neutrality. The company currently provides approximately 1,000 liters/month from about 20 offices, mainly in Aichi and Shizuoka prefectures.

Grow with developing countries, including those in Africa, and endeavor to solve social issues through business operations

Table for Two Program

Since 2008, Toyota Tsusho has been participating in the Table For Two (TFT) program organized by NPO Table For Two International.

In this program, employees are able to donate ¥10 with each purchase of a designated menu item or drink at the employee cafeteria, and the company matches it by donating the same amount. A total of ¥20 per meal is donated through TFT to developing countries. This allows employees to eat balanced meals and improve their health against lifestyle diseases. At the same time, meals are delivered to schools in developing countries, aiding to mitigate against nutritional imbalance in the world.

In addition, we have been holding annual walking events using a walking app in collaboration with TFT's health promotion program since 2020. For every 8,000 steps a day achieved by participating employees, one school lunch is donated to a child in Africa or Asia through TFT. This activity aligns with the concept of TFT, as walking for donation also helps employees improve their health.

Since 2020, we have been a supporting partner for the "Onigiri Action" campaign hosted by TFT to commemorate the UN-designated World Food Day on October 16. In fiscal year 2022, we provided onigiri boxed lunches in the company cafeteria during the campaign period.

To date, we have donated a total of 3,698,298 school meals to children in African and Asian countries. In recognition of our support, Table For Two International presented us with a certificate of gratitude and a Partner badge.

Participating in the Picture Book Delivery Campaign for Asian children

We share with the Shanti Volunteer Association a belief that opening books is a path to opening the future, and we have participated in its Picture Book Delivery Campaign since fiscal year 2006. The campaign involves sticking local translations of original texts into Japanese picture books and delivering them to Asian children who have had no previous exposure to books. Since the picture books are made by taking materials to homes and other locations, the children of employees also help with the project. In fiscal year 2022, 364 employees from Toyota Tsusho and its Group companies participated in the project, completing 400 picture books that were delivered to Cambodia through the Shanti Volunteer Association. Going forwards, Toyota Tsusho will continue to support efforts to improve learning environments.

Food Donations to Children from Poor and Disadvantaged Families

Subaru Southern Africa (PTY) Ltd. a Toyota Tsusho Group company in South Africa, donated lunch packs to 100 elementary school children attending Westrand Primary School.

Subaru Southern Africa (PTY) Ltd. will continue to support the growth and development of children from families with inadequate access to food by providing them with nutritious meals.

“Football For Everyone” Social Contribution Activities by Toyota Laos

Laos is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia, particularly in rural areas without adequate educational environments. Toyota Laos, a Toyota Tsusho Group company, visits local elementary schools with professional soccer coaches to provide soccer training and donate soccer balls and other sports equipment. In doing so, the company is contributing to sports education for children in Laos as a good corporate citizen.

Respect human rights, and actively develop people who will contribute to society by nurturing them and giving them opportunities to apply their skills

Help Mark Dissemination and Awareness Activities

We have registered as a "Help Mark Dissemination Partner" under the "Help Mark Dissemination Partnership System" implemented by Aichi Prefecture.

On December 3 and 4, employees who participated as volunteers distributed leaflets and novelties to visitors at a B1 League Fighting Eagles Nagoya game in cooperation with the Aichi Prefecture Welfare Bureau. The leaflet, which included a Help Mark quiz, attracted 300 participants and served as an opportunity to promote understanding of the Help Mark and how to respond to it.

We will continue to hold educational events as a Help Mark Dissemination Partner.

Lecture at Konan Elementary School's Summer Vacation Konan Club

Toyota Tsusho participates as a neighboring company in the "Summer Vacation Konan Club" at Konan Elementary School in Minato-ku, Tokyo. The club aims to provide direct hands-on experience by passing on professional knowledge and skills to children from parents and local businesses. We cooperated with para-athletes currently enrolled at Toyotsu Office Service Corporation and the coach of their club team to provide a lecture on para-athletics and an opportunity to realize that members that run short distances at different speeds who gather together can have fun by devising ways to compete. We will continue to provide a variety of experiences for children in the community.

Handa Junior Eco-Club Activity Support

Toyota Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. provides activity support for the Handa Junior Eco-Club's "Bring Mud Hoppers Back to the Handa Tidal Flat! (Mikawa Bay Environmental Restoration Project - Revive! ‘Mikawa Bay,’ Home of Living Things)" organized by Handa Junior Eco-Club.

This project aims to make the Handa Tidal Flat more attractive by cleaning it and releasing mud hoppers. Approximately 20 preschool and elementary school children and their families participated in the project in fiscal year 2022.

We will continue our support activities so that children can deepen their interest in the environment and enjoy learning.

Basketball Clinic and Invitation to Pro Game

Toyotsu Fighting Eagles, the Toyota Tsusho Group's professional basketball team, holds skills clinics and invites community members to professional basketball games as part of its effort to support sports development, nurture youth, and galvanize the community. At the clinics, coaches and players from the professional team engage with young players by teaching new skills and playing practice games with them. In the middle of the basketball season, the Toyotsu Fighting Eagles also invites children and other members of the local welfare facilities to watch professional basketball games and witness the best players in the country at their sport.

In fiscal year 2021, the team held fewer clinics and distributed fewer invitations than in typical years. Despite this, even amid the pandemic, it disseminated instructional videos, gave presentations at elementary schools - which were carried out with full coronavirus countermeasures - and worked hard to maintain connections with the local community.

Other Employee-Participation Activities

As a familiar volunteer activity, we collect used stamps, eco-caps, foreign coins, etc. and donate them through Public interest incorporated associations and NPOs etc. to support children in developing countries.
Furthermore, to encourage participation in social contribution activities, we have established various initiatives, including a "Volunteer Support Program" where the company provides transportation expenses to employees who participate in designated volunteer activities, a "Volunteer Reporting System" where employees report their individual volunteering activities to the company for matching donations, and a "Social Contribution Award" to recognize employees who is actively engaged in volunteering activities within the company. The certificates for the Social Contribution Award are made with banana paper, a Fairtrade product, to raise employees' interest in such activities.

Toyota Tsusho Corporation International Student Scholarship

The Toyota Tsusho Corporation International Student Scholarship program provides subsidies for self-financed overseas students enrolled at Japanese universities. By reducing the financial insecurity of students who have come to Japan from various different countries, the program seeks to enhance educational effectiveness, and contribute to the development of human resources capable of acting in a global society.

In fiscal year 2022, we provided overseas study scholarships to 30 students from 18 countries, mainly in Asia and Africa. We have held exchange activities at our company in previous years, but due to the impact of COVID-19, we held exchange gatherings online in April and November. Going forward, we will continue to use the program both to foster human resources capable of acting in a global society, and to promote international exchanges.

Employee Social Contribution with Donation Program

Every year, at Toyota Tsusho we reward our employees with "welfare points" and monetary incentives for improvement proposals, which they can choose to donate. Collected donations are presented to both Japanese and foreign NGOs, NPOs, and other public organizations active in a range of fields, including the environment, education, social welfare, and disaster relief.Employees who donate money can also choose the organization to which they would like to donate, and we are making efforts to widely involve employees in support, such as holding online lectures by donation candidate organizations.

In fiscal year 2022, we made donations to organizations that address various social issues, including financial support for children orphaned by traffic accidents, educational support for poor families through education study coupons, reduction of plastic waste in oceans, and support for refugees affected by natural disasters and conflicts in Japan and overseas.

In-house Lectures by Organizations Engaged in Social Contribution Activities

At Toyota Tsusho, we invite organizations working to solve various social problems to present in-house lectures, in order to educate our employees about their existence and their activities. In fiscal year 2022, we held five online lectures, which were attended by a total of 266 employees from Toyota Tsusho and our Group companies. The online format made it easy for telecommuting employees and employees from regional offices and overseas to participate, and provided an opportunity for dialogue between the organizations and our employees via a question and answer session at the lectures. The lectures also provided an opportunity for our sales departments and Group companies to provide new support to the organizations after the lectures. We will continue to raise awareness of our social contribution activities through these lectures and expand our circle of support as a Group.

Results of Social Contribution Activities

Total social contribution expenditure by Toyota Tsusho
(fiscal year ended March 31, 2022)
896 million yen