Information Disclosure (Communications with Stakeholders)

IR Activities

Toyota Tsusho believes in the importance of sincere and fair information disclosure, and fulfills its responsibilities of accountability to investors, analysts, and other stakeholders. The company also understands the necessity of establishing long-term relationships of trust, and of earning the trust and esteem of its stakeholders via two-way communication. To achieve these goals, the company continuously provides all information it deems essential and, at the same time, develops IR activities that make use of third-party opinions to improve management.

Toyota Tsusho holds financial results briefings for domestic analysts and institutional investors four times each year to communicate with shareholders and investors. In addition, to promote greater understanding of its business activities the company holds business briefings and facility tours as appropriate. (In the past three years, for example, the company has conducted electronics business briefings, renewable energy business briefings, and facility tours in the Tokai region.)

For overseas investors, Toyota Tsusho has visited Europe, Asia, and the Middle East and has continued to hold individual meetings since the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015.

The company also participates in conferences for foreign investors held by securities companies and creates opportunities for dialogue. It frequently holds company briefings with individual investors and has participated in IR fairs held by securities exchanges. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019, the company held a total of 24 briefings, primarily in the main metropolitan areas, which were attended by a total of approximately 3,000 investors. In addition, the company has enhanced its website content to further understanding of Toyota Tsusho, and has improved its information disclosure to global stakeholders by expanding the scope of its English translations to include disclosure materials.

General Shareholders’ Meeting

Toyota Tsusho wishes to encourage as many shareholders as possible to attend its General Shareholders’ Meeting and, as such, avoids holding the meeting on dates commonly used by other companies for shareholder meetings. The company also strives to provide shareholders with sufficient time to examine the details of proposals. For this reason, it sends its convocation notice in advance, uploads an English translation of the notice on its website, and participates in platforms for shareholders to exercise their voting rights.

Notice of Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting
Notice of Ordinary General
Shareholders’ Meeting