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The Global Parts & Logistics Division will demonstrate its integration functions in its areas of strength, including its global network, logistics infrastructure, supply-and-demand management, and assembly. It will also exceed the expectations of customers by creating a nextgeneration society with a focus on mobility to be a problem-solving division that grows along with its customers.

The division has 164 sites operated by 110 subsidiaries in 38 countries around the world. By using these sites and its logistics networks and by establishing an optimally integrated parts logistics system, the division has established a global automobile parts supply chain.

Other operations include tire and wheel assembly and other assembly businesses, a production business for airbag cushions and other parts, as well as an interior and exterior parts and accessories business covering all aspects of operations from planning and development through raw materials procurement and processing.

The division successfully serves the diverse needs of its customers by combining its global logistics network, supply-and-demand management functions, and unique manufacturing functions into an integrated function service.

As medium- to long-term initiatives in its core mobility field, Toyota Tsusho will maximize integration functions including product development, raw materials procurement, processing, supply-anddemand management, logistics, and assembly functions on a global scale by combining them with digital technology, thereby contributing to the development of a sustainable society.

Specifically, the division will pursue the advancement of systems for managing global supply chains tailored to changes in customer vehicle production methods such as the integration of vehicle platforms while providing new services such as global development of its logistics business.

Furthermore, initiatives for expanding the value chain will continue to focus on the identification of cutting-edge technologies and materials and the development of new functions.

Regarding the diversification of business, the division will leverage its expertise and strengths developed through existing businesses to acquire new customers and business partners.

Moreover, the division will tackle the challenges of developing services in environmental solution areas including fuel cells to create a carbon neutral society.

Parts logistics
Tire and wheel assembly
Main Products & Services
Global Parts Construction of optimized supply chains with mixed loading and supply-and-demand management functions in the export/import and global procurement of parts
Logistics and Module Logistics services linked to customer production activities, automotive parts assembly services such as overseas tire and wheel assembly and operation of technopark businesses to support the overseas expansion of small and medium-sized businesses
Materials & Auto Parts/Accessories Provision of integrated functions ranging from planning, development, and materials procurement to production and sales of automotive interior and exterior parts and accessories
Business Development Department New business creation with a focus on environmental solutions, aircraft parts, airport management, and fuel cells
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Business Lines of the Global Parts & Logistics Division

  1. 1By using its logistics sites in countries around the world and combining the provision of optimal, integrated logistics with order-and-inventory management and other supply-and-demand management functions, the division offers parts logistics services that contribute to stable parts supply, reduce transportation costs, shorten delivery lead times, and minimize inventories. In its accessories and materials business, the division provides various forms of added value in areas ranging from product planning, design, and development to product supply, production preparation, and quality control.
  2. 2The division has established systems to optimize manufacturers' supply chains through operations in the technopark, tire and wheel assembly, vehicle transport, accessory-and-conversion, and other businesses. As market needs change, the division continually creates new value by combining these various functions for customers in innovative ways.

Fiscal year ended March 31, 2022

For the purpose of furthering digital transformation and contributing toward the goal of carbon neutrality, in March 2022 we added a new function called “Streams Capital” to Streams, an online platform we launched in August 2021. Streams Capital supports the development of customer business models by leveraging the Toyota Tsusho Group network. We intend to work with customers to ramp up business development aimed at contributing to the achievement of societal sustainability.

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