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The Digital Solutions Division is engaged in the two fields of devices & software and ICT to further expand the solutions business, including solving issues for the next-generation mobility society by utilizing devices and software, while always staying ahead of technological innovation and digital transformation.

In addition, we will contribute to the creation of a "friendly future" through the convergence of these businesses and collaboration with various stakeholders. Specifically, we will provide new value and contribute to the achievement of social sustainability in the four areas: "For Mobility," which provides safe, secure, and convenient movement of people and goods; "For Manufacturing," which assists, replaces, and expands human potential; "For Living," which provides a secure and comfortable lifestyle through ICT and data utilization infrastructure; and "For Green," which contributes to low GHG, low power consumption, resource conservation, and traceability.

In the devices & software business, we own several industry-leading electronic device trading companies and provide a diverse range of electronic devices and software globally. The division strives to create and commercialize new services such as sales and service development of electronic devices for connected cars, advanced infrastructure development to realize an autonomous driving society, and technology development that takes the global environment into consideration by improving electricity cost efficiency, while staying ahead of technological innovation. In addition, through the operation of Japan Automotive Software Platform and Architecture (JasPar) and other activities, we contribute to the improvement of development productivity and technological advancement in the automotive industry as a whole.

In the ICT business, we provide various enterprise IT solutions in Japan, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and China, as well as ICT infrastructure development projects such as telecommunication infrastructure and data centers to contribute to the growth of emerging countries under the slogan "Digital x Global." In the mobility area, we provide vehicle security measures for connected cars, secure wireless communication platforms for onboard software, and computing resources and tools that contribute to the development of AI applications, such as high performance computing (HPC) and quantum computers in preparation for the arrival of an AI society. We also focus on the reuse and recycling of IT equipment in order to reduce the carbon footprint of IT equipment throughout its lifecycle.

Device & Software business
ICT business
Main Products & Services
Device & Software Solutions Global sales of electronic devices embedded in automobiles, home appliances, information and communications equipment, industrial equipment, etc.; development and sales of hardware, software, and services to realize CASE*.
*CASE: Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric
ICT Solutions Global sales of products and services related to information and communication technology (ICT); promotion of vehicle security business and wireless communication business for onboard software that supports the safety of connected cars; sales of computing resources and various tools that contribute to AI development, etc.
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