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The Green Infrastructure Division carries out business in the Machinery & Infrastructure SBU and the Green Energy SBU with the mission of contributing to the realization of social infrastructure that supports a sustainable global environment through the synergies between the operational strength of the machinery business and renewable energy.

In the machinery business of the Machinery & Infrastructure SBU, the division provides solutions to customers' problems by leveraging its integrated support capabilities for production equipment and the operational strength, mainly for the automotive industry. In addition to creating new businesses related to the electrification of automobiles and battery products, we are also striving to build a new business foundation through DX and reduce CO2 emissions from manufacturing centered on plants through energy-saving environmental diagnosis to realize a carbon-neutral society.

In the infrastructure project business, we are engaged in infrastructure development and business operations, including business proposals, financing, basic engineering, equipment procurement, and construction work in the areas of social infrastructure such as energy and port infrastructure and construction machinery in the Middle East and emerging countries where we have a strong presence.

Under the slogan “Renew Energy, Renew Our Future,” the Green Energy SBU contributes to achieving a carbon-neutrality for customers and sustainable society as a leading player by building renewable energy value chains and carbon-neutral fuel supply chains from the customer's perspective.

The division is expanding renewable energy power generation businesses around the world, including wind, solar, hydroelectric, and biomass. With a priority on coexistence with local communities, we are aiming to establish a renewable energy power value chain not only through the “Generate” of competitive renewable energy, but also by strengthening “Aggregate,” “Regulate,” and “Transfer” through the development of virtual power plants (VPPs*1) and decentralized power sources and provision of energy management services combined with energy conservation and storage batteries, etc.

In the carbon neutral fuel business, we are developing biomass fuels, recycling of forest resources, circular economy-oriented biodiesel supply using waste cooking oil, and switching marine fuel to LNG, etc. Furthermore, we are aiming to build a carbon neutral fuel supply chain to provide solutions necessary to reduce our customers' environmental impact, including efforts toward the realization of a hydrogen society.

  • *1A virtual power plant connects distributed power sources via a network and adjusts the balance of electricity supply and demand.
An automaker processing line
A power generation project
Car Terminal
Main Products & Services
Machinery & Infrastructure Domestic and international trading in manufacturing and logistics equipment, parts, tools, and construction equipment, primarily for the automotive industry and provision of integrated support functions for related design, repair, and installation
Maintenance of social infrastructure such as energy, port infrastructure, and construction equipment, as well as business operations
Green Energy Development and business operation of renewable energy such as wind, solar, hydro, and biomass
Carbon neutral fuel supply business such as LNG and biodiesel
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