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The Mobility Division, in addition to automotive sales and other services, which we have previously been engaged in, aims to produce happiness for the future society through transportation by building a new business model that support safe and reassuring movement for both people and goods.

The Mobility Division conducts business globally, mainly in emerging regions such as Asia and Latin America, where further growth is expected. We will continue to deepen and explore business areas to provide services that meet various needs by closely assessing everchanging social and economic trends, such as the shift toward carbon neutrality, the diversifying lifestyles of customers, and uncertainties in geopolitical conditions.

The TOYOTA SBU and the Multi Brands SBU engage in the export of passenger, commercial, industrial, and other types of vehicles produced mainly by Toyota Group companies and other automotive and transportation equipment manufacturers, in Japan and overseas to countries around the world, through a global network that extends to 150 countries. Of which, we also operate a distributor business and dealership business, and knockdown production in 48 countries. We also conduct business that provides customers with logistics solutions tailored to their needs.

The Value Chain SBU engages in the after-sales service and wholesale parts business, used vehicle business, and captive financing and leasing business. With these businesses at the core, we seek to contribute to the development of societies and economies by utilizing data obtained through customers, vehicles, the internet, etc., and by providing services with a high degree of added value across the entire mobility value chain, from upstream to downstream.

In this manner, we are providing value in four areas—mobility value (the pursuit of safety, security, and comfort), social value (contributions to job creation and resolution of healthcare issues), environmental value (contributions to the environment and ecosystems), and economic value (revitalization of local economies)—to "Be the Right ONE" by contributing to the realization of a sustainable society that is full of happiness.

Expanding automotive sales networks in various countries around the world
Comprehensive After-Sales Service
Main Products & Services
Distributors Operation of distributors that import and wholesale products from manufacturers
Automotive Dealers Operation of dealers that provide retail and after-sales services for products from manufacturers in designated regions
Production Business Vehicle assembly business in emerging countries (knockdown production)
Value Chain Business Related to Automotive Sales Building of comprehensive automotive value chains, primarily in countries in which the division operates distributors, with spare parts supply, vehicle installation and conversion, used car sales, and captive financing and leasing
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