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The Lifestyle Division is engaged in a diverse range of businesses in six primary business fields, contributing to the healthy and prosperous lifestyles of people in the global market. The division is also actively working to realize a sustainable future society by promoting the Economy of Life* business.

In the agri business, the division's strengths are its import of feed raw materials from overseas and its many years of experience and operational excellence in the prominent grain silo business in Japan. Globally, it is primarily enhancing initiatives for the stable supply of environment-friendly Brazilian grain and will continue to link its knowledge with its assets, functions, and global network to further expand its businesses.

In the food business, the division is committed to safety management unique to Toyota Tsusho at manufacturing and processing centers and food provision service companies in Japan and overseas to supply high-quality products. The division also responds flexibly to increasingly diverse customer needs while working to reduce food loss by optimizing the value chain, from a consumer's perspectives.

In the insurance business, the division's strengths are its class leading insurance agency business in Japan and its insurance brokerage business overseas. While also increasing support for the renewable energy business, which is of high interest for carbon neutrality initiatives, the division is providing end-to-end services, ranging from risk analysis to insurance arrangement.

In the textile business, the division has strength as a comprehensive supplier that handles everything from materials development to production and product sales. It is actively working to reduce apparel loss and environmental impacts, including by recycling clothing and industrial materials, as well as by developing materials and products made from recycled resources.

In the living environment business, the division is making effective use of hotel residences to support companies that are expanding operations overseas as well as company-owned real estate, renovating offices and other facilities, and operating a leasing business for houses and other properties. The division is also providing infrastructure with an emphasis on differentiated products and services to support the lives of consumers and the activities of businesses in Japan and overseas while operating a facility solution business to help people lead secure, comfortable, and healthy lifestyles.

In the healthcare and medical business, the division is reinforcing the medical institution support business, rehabilitation business, nursing care products business, and other businesses intended to help solve social issues in Japan. Overseas, the division is developing the hospital and peripheral businesses in India to provide Japanese healthcare technologies and services, as well as operating peripheral businesses such as pharmaceutical wholesaling and linen supply to support the hospital business. In doing so, the division contributes to raising the level of local medical care and promoting people’s health.

  • *Economy of Life: Corporate activities that are essential to people's daily lives and contribute to the realization of a comfortable future society
Grain terminals
India Hospital Business
Fiber recycling business of waste fishing nets
Main Products & Services
Food & Agribusiness Agribusiness: Contribution to the stable supply of grains based on expertise gained from a leading volume of grain handling in Japan and development of origination businesses overseas
Food materials & solutions: Meet diversifying needs for foods and develop businesses that help solve social issues in the agriculture and aquaculture fields
Wellness Insurance management: Operating property and casualty insurance and life insurance agencies in Japan and overseas, expanding overseas operations by establishing insurance brokerages, and brokering insurance for foreign companies
Sustainable fashion: Planning, production, logistics, and sales of products from raw materials to textiles and fiber products
Facility solutions: Development and operation of apartments for rent and for sale, and proposals for real estate utilization, planning and sales of housing materials, and operation of overseas hotel residences
Healthcare and medical: Operation of overseas healthcare-related businesses, rehabilitation businesses, and nursing care product business
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