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The Circular Economy Division offers an integrated supply chain from resource development, supply of materials/components, and collection of used resources to recycling, based on the needs of society and customers, with the mission of promoting a recycling-based society (circular economy) to improve the global environment.

In the mobility area, this division will focus on building a global supply chain of local production for local consumption to ensure a stable supply of metal materials and components for batteries and motors, demand for which is increasing in line with mobility electrification. In addition, we are building a car-to-car recycling system that covers not only conventional internal combustion vehicles but also electrified vehicles, from collection and proper disposal of end-of-life vehicles to recycling.

In the Economy of Life (EoL) area, the division will focus on promoting raw material recycling and raw material conversion and product recycling, particularly in the fields of detergent raw materials, sanitary materials, packaging materials, and coatings, where the company possesses a strong sales network. Regarding the production and sales of the important resource iodine, of which the division has the largest share in the global market, the division is strengthening its value chains through activities such as the manufacture and sale of iodine compounds.

By regarding all waste as a recyclable resource, we will help create a recycling-oriented society based on reuse and recycling, and contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral society.

Resources Development
Electrification component manufacturing
Resource development End-of-life vehicle recycling
Automotive plastic recycling
Molten metal business
PET recycling
Main Products & Services
Resources Development Development of critical metals (essential metals) essential for electrification and rare inorganic resources essential for daily life, and operation of intermediate products manufacturing business.
E-Mobility Supply Chain Expansion of the supply chain for materials and components related to electrification, and operation of the sales, processing, and distribution businesses for nonferrous and other metals and products essential to social infrastructure.
Resources Recycling Provide integrated functions from material supply to recycled resource collection, recycling, and production of recycled materials to support new sustainable manufacturing focused on resource circulation.
Sustainable Materials Sales of raw materials and products for detergents, sanitary materials, packaging, and coatings that are essential for daily life, and operation of manufacturing business, as well as operation and promotion of bio-chemical handling/plastic recycling business, to realize a sustainable society.
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