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The Africa Division currently has a network encompassing all 54 countries in Africa with a total of approximately 22,000 employees and engages in a diverse range of businesses in four business fields. With diversifying its business portfolio, strengthening partnerships with global brands, integrating value chains, and promoting carbon neutrality as its business strategies, the Africa Division is contributing to Africa's economic growth and industrialization, and responding to the expanding middle class.

In the automotive business, which is the core of the mobility field, we will increase the number of countries where assembly production is performed, expand our product lineup targeted at the middle class, strengthen sales efforts utilizing CFAO Motors South Africa, which is South Africa's largest automobile dealer, and encourage the adoption of eco-cars such as HEVs and PHEVs. Furthermore, we will develop business in the MaaS field through Mobility 54, a corporate venture capital specializing in start-ups in Africa, to support comprehensive development of industries centered on mobility.

In the healthcare field, the Africa Division is delivering pharmaceuticals in 22 African countries and producing licensed pharmaceuticals in Morocco and Algeria. In March 2022, we also invested in East Africa's leading retail pharmacy chain and ventured into the field of retail pharmacy. By increasing the number of countries where we conduct business, creating new services and achieving the creation of a unified value chain spanning local production, wholesale, and retail of pharmaceuticals, we will promote initiatives that contribute to the heath of Africa's people.

In the consumer field, we will promote local production of consumer goods, such as cosmetics and beverages, and expand our business of operating shopping malls through a partnership with Carrefour S.A. We will enhance production of merchandise and further increase the number of stores, contributing to industrialization and employment creation in Africa through local procurement, production, and sales.

In the energy, infrastructure, and technology fields, we are developing projects that make the most of the potential of African nations and the strengths of partner companies, mainly in renewable energy businesses (such as wind, solar, and geothermal) and a port development business. We will contribute to Africa through energy- and infrastructure-related development indispensable to economic development. In addition, we are introducing solar power generation systems installed on the rooftops of group offices and facilities established in African countries and working to adopt renewable energy for our electricity consumption.

A centralized inventory yard for dealers in sub-Saharan Africa (Belgium)
A centralized pharmaceutical warehouse (France)
A shopping mall (Côte d'Ivoire)
Main Products & Services
Mobility Automobile sales and after-sales services, used car sales, small- and medium-scale vehicle assembly, construction and agricultural machinery import, wholesale, and leasing throughout Africa, automobile production support, local parts production, distributor businesses, and next mobility/Mobility as a Service (MaaS) businesses through investment in start-ups
Healthcare Wholesaling of pharmaceuticals mainly in western Africa, production of pharmaceuticals in North Africa, and retailing of pharmaceuticals in East Africa
Consumer Manufacture and wholesale of consumer goods (cosmetics, beverages, etc.), shopping mall and supermarket development and operation
Infrastructure IT businesses, including system development, integration, and maintenance, and infrastructure businesses, including port development and renewable energy

Value Creation Business

  1. 1Based on the "WITH AFRICA FOR AFRICA" philosophy, the Toyota Tsusho Group seeks to grow with the people and communities of Africa while further reinforcing and expanding business foundations. Aiming to be a true leading group, we are looking beyond business creation to contribute to the autonomous growth of the continent through proactive measures to develop human resources and make social contributions.
  2. 2Through the merger between Toyota Tsusho, which has created a network based on the automobile distributor business, primarily in East and South Africa, and CFAO, which has a history of more than a century and a solid presence in western and Francophone Africa, we will conduct efficient and strategic business throughout the continent.

Fiscal year ended March 31, 2022

To locally produce automobiles in line with automotive market demand, Toyota Tsusho Manufacturing Ghana Co. Limited became the first Japanese company to establish a vehicle assembly plant in Ghana. It commenced assembly production of the Toyota Hilux in June 2021 and is now getting ready to start production of the Swift, a Suzuki compact car model, by the end of 2022. In promoting the production of high-quality vehicles, we seek to contribute to the development of Ghana's automotive industry and economy.

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