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The Machinery, Energy & Project Division is engaged in the machinery business and the energy infrastructure solutions business.

In the machinery business, the division provides integrated support capabilities for production equipment, mainly for the automotive industry. In its non-automotive business, the division sells industrial machinery, medical and analytical instruments, textile machinery, and other equipment around the world. Besides establishing a new business foundation using DX and creating new businesses in CASE fields such as battery products, we are also striving to reduce CO2 emissions from manufacturing centered on energy-saving environmental diagnosis to achieve a carbon neutral society.

In the energy infrastructure solutions business, we are undertaking efforts such as renewable energy development toward achieving a carbon neutral society and infrastructure development that contributes toward the creation of a sustainable society.

The division is expanding renewable energy power generation businesses around the world, including wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass. We are developing virtual power plants (VPPs) and distributed power sources to ensure a stable and inexpensive supply of renewable energy, while promoting development and strengthening our power generation businesses, including offshore wind development, in Africa and other regions with emerging countries. In the biomass business, we are providing the necessary solutions to reduce our customers’ environmental burden, including the switching of ship fuels to LNG and supplying high-quality and clean fuels such as biodiesel.

We are helping to resolve social issues in emerging countries. In areas where we have a strong presence—the Middle East, along with Africa and other regions with emerging countries—we are working on many aspects of infrastructure development, from business proposals and fundraising to engineering, procurement, and plant construction, while also providing operation of infrastructure, including airports, ports, and water-related businesses.

The division is engaged in making the revenue base of its existing business even leaner and stronger in response to major changes to the external environment, including structural changes in the automotive industry as a result of electrification, the rapid expansion of the renewable energy market as the result of a shift toward a carbon neutral society, and the diversification of needs in the Middle East, along with Africa and other regions with emerging countries. At the same time, we aim to grow sustainably by continuing to take on challenges in new fields while addressing the issues faced by our customers with a mindset of solving social issues.

  • *The division’s earlier energy solutions and infrastructure solutions fields were reorganized as the energy infrastructure solutions fields in April 2022.
An automaker processing line
A power generation project
Car Terminal
Main Products & Services
Machinery Domestic and international trading in manufacturing and logistics equipment, parts, tools, and construction equipment, primarily for the automotive industry and provision of integrated support functions for related design, repair, and installation
Energy Infrastructure Solutions Development and operation of renewable energy businesses including wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass energy and the development and operation of energy-related businesses as a whole
Development and operation of infrastructure including airports, ports, and electric power and businesses related to the supply of fuels including LNG and biodiesel
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Fiscal year ended March 31, 2022

With the goal of enhancing Indonesia's export capabilities and lowering logistics costs in the country, in December 2021 we took on operations of the automobile terminal at the Patimban New International Port, which had been provisionally managed by a state-owned enterprise. By managing the sea port in a manner that makes it internationally competitive, we hope to contribute to further development of Indonesia's economy.

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