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The Chemicals & Electronics Division conducts business in three fields-automotive materials, chemicals, and electronics-and uses its wide-ranging networks and knowledge centered on materials and parts as strengths. We will combine these strengths with new technologies while focusing on 1) measures for the creation of a new mobility society, 2) carbon neutral and circular economy business that reduces the impact on the natural environment, and 3) business that contributes to the foundations of life.

In its automotive materials business, the division manufactures and sells automotive-use plastics and rubber, as well as supplies materials and parts for use in applications such as vehicle batteries, through its global network. The division is laterally extending the functions it has developed through its core business across new regions and markets as it strives to respond to transformations of automotive technologies by proposing materials and parts for use in next-generation vehicles.

In the chemicals business, the division handles a wide range of chemical products that support comfortable living including detergents, hygiene products, and packaging materials and seeks to expand its business even further by leveraging its powerful sales network.

With regards to the production and sales of iodine, an important resource, the division is strengthening value chains through activities such as the manufacture and sale of iodine compounds. The division is reinforcing and expanding distinctive businesses in which it has high shares of global markets. It establishes new businesses, such as plastic resource recycling, which is a global issue, and encourages the handling of plant-derived bio-plastics.

In its electronics business, the division is Japan's largest trader of electronic devices. We handle a wide range of electronic devices and software incorporated into vehicles, consumer electronics, and industrial machinery. The division anticipates changes in the automotive industry and in technologies. We also develop technologies for environmentally friendly vehicles such as HEVs, PHEVs, BEVs, and FCEVs, along with devices and services for more intelligent and information-oriented connected vehicles. For the future automated driving society, we are developing advanced infrastructure in tandem with efforts to develop and commercialize new services. The division promotes network business that globally links people and things, and it is strengthening its businesses within and outside Japan by enhancing and combining the know-how and functions of leading affiliates.

Iodine production plant (Chile)
Electronics manufacturing service
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Component parts for automobile production, Semiconductor, Plastics and rubber, Modular product, Rubber, Automotive embedded software development, Batteries and Electronic materials, Network integration and support, Highly functional specialty chemicals, Electronic equipment, Specialty and inorganic chemicals, PCs, PC peripherals and software, Fat and oil products, Overseas IT infrastructure exports, Chemical additives, ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems), Pharmaceuticals and Pharmaceuticals ingredients

Value Creation Business

  • To respond to what is said to be a once-in-a-century structural transformation in the automobile industry, we are using our wide-ranging knowledge in the automotive materials business as a strength to provide functions that integrate processes from product development and design to production as well as technology that is close to customers. In the electronics business, we sell products that have the strengths of semiconductors with state-ofthe- art technology and embedded software technology, design and develop modular products, and are engaging in the MaaS business.
  • We are accelerating our initiatives relating to carbon neutral and circular economy business to maintain sustainable growth with society. In the chemicals business, we handle industry-leading bio-plastics and are developing the plastic recycling business. In the electronics business, we are responding to the electrification of automobiles by reinforcing our power semiconductor and engineering functions.

Initiatives in the Automotive Materials Business

Initiatives in the Chemicals Business

Initiatives in the Electronics Business

1st Quarter of Fiscal year ending March 31, 2022

To help achieve decarbonization of commodity plastics, in May 2021 we concluded a bio-naphtha procurement agreement with Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. and Finnish biomass fuel supplier Neste Oyj. We will work towards developing applications and creating new markets in Japan for domestically produced biomass plastics.

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