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The Automotive Division exports passenger cars, commercial vehicles including trucks and buses, industrial vehicles, and spare parts primarily produced by Toyota Group automobile and transport equipment makers, in Japan and overseas to countries around the world. The division operates a distributor business and dealer businesses through a global network that spans 150 countries. By building communitybased automobile sales systems that provide sales, spare parts, and after-sales service operations and by creating "best in town" dealers that are trusted by customers, the division is working to create a safe and reassuring mobility society.

As moves toward achieving carbon neutrality accelerate around the world, the division will seek to provide functions tailored to the distinctive features of individual regions and markets. In particular, in emerging regions such as Asia and Latin America, where further growth is expected, we are deeply involved in the broad mobility value chains from upstream to downstream including small- and mediumscale vehicle assembly, sales, captive financing and leasing, after-sales services, and used vehicle distribution and sales. By providing services, with a high degree of added value, we seek to contribute to the development of societies and economies.

To accurately assess recent and constantly changing social and economic trends, such as the new normal brought about as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the electrification of automobiles, and geopolitical destabilization, the division is exploring its business fields and searching for new business fields so that we can provide services that meet diversifying needs.

In March 2021, our company became the first in the world to obtain the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Performance, Quality and Safety Prequalification (PQS) for our refrigerated vehicles for transporting vaccines. To supply vaccines to as many people as possible, we are taking active measures in the global health field by developing cold chains.

In this manner, we are providing value in four areas—mobility value (the pursuit of safety, security, and comfort), social value (creation of employment and resolution of healthcare issues), environmental value (contributions to the environment and ecosystems), and economic value (revitalization of local economies)—to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Furthermore, the division serves as a good business partner on the front line across countries and regions for identifying non-automotive business opportunities to drive the expansion of business fields for Toyota Tsusho as a whole.

Expanding automotive sales networks in various countries around the world
Providing quality after-sales service by thoroughly training staff
Main Products & Services
Automotive Distributors Operation of automotive distributors to import and sell products in designated markets on behalf of manufacturers
Automotive Dealers Operation of automotive dealers under distributors in which dealers provide comprehensive retail services including after-sales services
Value Chain Business Related to Automotive Sales Building of comprehensive automotive value chains, primarily in countries in which the division conducts distribution businesses, with small-scale and medium-scale vehicle assembly, vehicle installation and conversion, used car sales, and captive financing and leasing in addition to spare parts supply and after-sales services
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  1. 1The division currently operates distributors, dealers, and other related businesses and is expanding services in 48 countries and regions with a focus on emerging countries that are expected to experience full-scale motorization in the future. Going forward, we will focus on and actively develop markets in which we can provide added value.
  2. 2We are increasing the division's added value and developing business opportunities in broad-ranging value chains from upstream to downstream including the "3S" (sales, spare parts, and after-sales service) operations of dealers. We are also acquiring knowledge in new mobility service areas and working to help solve various problems related to the transportation of people and goods.

Fiscal year ended March 31, 2022

With the objective of lifting vaccination rates in developing countries by improving vaccine transportation, in November 2021 we made our first delivery of 10 refrigerated vaccine transportation vehicles to the Ministry of Health in the Republic of Ghana. The vehicles have been accredited with the World Health Organization’s medical equipment PQS (Performance, Quality, and Safety) certification. In this way, we hope to contribute to improving global health through supplying refrigerated vaccine transportation vehicles.

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