The Metals Division views steel and non-ferrous metals as products with unique properties and functions rather than simple materials. This approach allows us to provide optimal products and logistics matching the needs of both suppliers and users. The division is comprised of multiple SBUs, all of which manage both steel and non-ferrous products. This ensures that each SBU can respond to customer needs with proposals covering multiple types of metal products.

The Automotive Metal Products SBU supplies metals used in every aspect of automobile production. It boasts a sophisticated and highly efficient processing and logistics system highlighted by processing bases within and outside Japan and a digitalized ordering system. With these advantages, the SBU can flexibly deliver products to meet demand. In addition, it operates metal blanking businesses around the world to meet specific user needs.

The Metal Products SBU covers all metal product needs outside the automotive industry. It leverages the wealth of resources in the automobile business and a broad global network of sites to serve the needs of customers around the world with efficient processing and logistics functions.

The Metal Resources SBU is fulfilling society’s heightened demand for the effective use and proper processing of resources. It collects end-of-life vehicles and properly processes waste, develops new resources, and hedges against metals price fluctuation. In these and other ways, the SBU combines a broad array of functions to expand business and provide safe, secure, and stable resources development, procurement, and recycling.

Molten aluminum production
Blanking business caters
Electrical steel sheets processing center
Electrical steel sheets processing center
Resource Development
Resource Development
Main Products & Services
  • Steel products
  • Steel specialty products
  • Steel construction materials
  • Non-ferrous metal ingots
  • Precious metals
  • Aluminum products
  • copper alloy products
  • Iron & steel scrap
  • Nonferrous metals scrap
  • Ferro-alloy products
  • Pig iron
  • Recycling of end -of-life vehicles (ELVs) and auto parts
  • Waste catalysts
  • Rare earth resources and rare metals

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Value Creation Business

Metals Division's Business Portfolio

As a multi-materials organization, the division now has a total of 82 highly functional business sites in 17 nations and plans to continue to expand its scope of operations.

Map of the Metals Division Businesses

High-quality Processing, Logistics, and Storage Services

High-Quality Processing, Logistics, and Storage Services

Details of Strength 1

The division's steel processing centers, which play a pivotal role in Toyota Tsusho's automotive products business, share information with suppliers and users, including manufacturing and processing affiliates within and outside Japan, to ensure efficient processing, logistics, and storage functions tailored to the production conditions at each center.

Details of Strength 2

Furthermore, the division supplies molten aluminum instead of conventional ingots to reduce overall energy costs and environmental burden. In addition to these materials supply functions, the division also operates a recycling business in which it collects and processes waste metal from production plants and end-of-life vehicles.

Fiscal 2019 Business Initiatives

For the purpose of helping to realize an eco-friendly recycling society, in September 2019 the Group launched on a full-scale basis a demonstration project for recycling of end-of-life vehicles, which has been adopted for the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization’s (NEDO) project for construction of an efficient and appropriate recycling system for end-of-life vehicles in Thailand.

Metals business project introduction