The Metals Division views steel and nonferrous metals as products with unique properties and functions rather than simple materials. This approach allows us to provide optimal products and logistics matching the needs of both suppliers and users. Furthermore, through restructuring our SBUs* into four-Automotive Metal Sheet Products, Metal Products, Nonferrous Metals, and Resources Recycling-we have made possible swift and specialized responses to a broad range of customer needs from both the "arteries" and the "veins," with such responses being suited to each industry and product.

Specifically, in order to respond to the dramatic changes in the world, the division continues to create and offer new business values in both automotive and non-automotive industries, synergizing functions, technologies, and markets, as well as procurement capabilities with the global network we have developed and our diverse processing and logistics functions available in and outside Japan.

In its mainstay automotive-related field, the division is developing its existing functionalities in response to changing needs in readiness for an era of profound transformation in the automotive industry, and it is striving to create new functions and businesses to lead the revolution in vehicle weight reduction and electrification. Armed with these functionalities, the division is also expanding sales channels outside the Toyota Group to further grow business.

In its non-automotive businesses, the division is generating synergies with its automotive-related businesses. At the same time, because of the breadth of the non-automotive business field, the division is developing new markets and businesses in areas in which Toyota Tsusho is strong, such as recycling and materials development, focused on areas that lead to the solution of social issues, including the transition to a decarbonized society and resource recycling society.

Furthermore, initiatives targeting the division's management base include more than just the introduction of digital tools in the digital transformation (DX) field. We are also focusing on measures that lead to new value creation through the leveraging of digital technologies. The division will further deepen its efforts to implement the work-style reforms that it has been advancing over the past several years, and it will strive to realize work environments receptive to diverse ways of working and thinking.

Through these wide-ranging initiatives, the division is developing existing businesses while exploring new businesses, and it has established a well-balanced business structure that is resilient to change, with the aim of achieving its mid to long-term goals.

*SBU:Strategic Business Unit

Blanking processing
Blanking processing
Electrical steel sheet
Electrical steel sheet
processing center
processing center
Resource development End-of-life vehicle recycling
Resource development End-of-life vehicle recycling
Main Products & Services

Plain steel, specialty steel products, construction steel materials, non-ferrous metal ingots, precious metal ingots, low-pressure products, copper products, iron scarp, non-ferrous metal scrap, ferro-alloy products, pig iron, end-of-life vehicle and parts, waste catalysts, rare earths resources and rare metals, and others

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Metals Division's Business Portfolio

As a multi-materials organization, the division now has a total of 82 highly functional business sites in 17 nations and plans to continue to expand its scope of operations.

Map of the Metals Division Businesses

Access a Wide Range of Markets by Leveraging Businesses and Functionalities, from Both the "Arteries" and the "Veins."

Access a Wide Range of Markets by Leveraging Businesses and Functionalities, from Both the “Arteries” and the “Veins.”

Feature 1

We are developing our businesses in response to comprehensive logistics needs, including the processing of each product in Japan and abroad in the automotive and other fields. In addition, we support our customers' day-to-day production activities through the handling of multi-materials. Furthermore, we are also advancing efforts in the resource development business (lithium, rare earth resources), which supports the future electrified society.

Feature 2

We are accelerating collaboration with strategic partners in each region around the globe while expanding our company's unique businesses and simultaneously reducing our environmental burden, as called for by society. We are also advancing our contribution to the future of society through the construction of a sustainable resource recycling business.

Initiatives in the Third Quarter of the Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2021

The division invested in JEMS Inc., which provides IT solutions and information management services for optimizing resource recycling, in August 2020 with the aim of utilizing IT technologies in the resource circulation and recycling business. The division will continue to cooperate with JEMS to optimize supply chains and support overseas development so that used products can be recovered, processed, and recycled.

Metals business project introduction