Food & Consumer Services

The Food & Consumer Services Division is contributing to healthier, more prosperous ways of life through initiatives in its four core businesses: grain, food, insurance, and lifestyle.

In its grain business, the Division’s four grain silos in Japan serve as the foundation of feed processing complexes. In addition, the Division’s long history in the grain silo business, and the know-how gained through operations, represent its core strengths in the grain business.

In its food business, the Division owns processing centers in a wide range of fields within and outside Japan as well as food service companies. By conducting safety management unique to Toyota Tsusho, the Division is providing high-quality products to the market.

In its insurance business, the Division operates leading-class sales agencies in Japan as well as a broad range of insurance broker businesses overseas. At the same time, the Division is expanding into new fields by providing new insurance services.

In its lifestyle business, the apparel operations act as a comprehensive supplier through strengths in functional materials and in an extensive production network that manages materials development, sales, and delivery. Also, in the construction business, the Division is focusing its efforts on hotel residences, which support companies in expanding their operations outside Japan. In its healthcare business, the Division is also making efforts in nursing care, medical facility, and medical treatment-related services businesses.

Grain terminals
Grain terminals
India Hospital Business
India Hospital Business
Indonessia Hotel Residence Business
Indonessia Hotel Residence Business
Main Products & Services
  • Feed and oilseeds
  • Grains
  • Processed foods
  • Food ingredients
  • Agriculture, marine, and livestock products
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Property, casualty and life insurance
  • Brokered securities
  • Textile products
  • Apparel
  • Nursing care and medical products
  • Construction and housing materials
  • Office furniture
  • Operates general hospitals
  • Hotel residences

Associated Companies

Value Creation Business

Supporting People's Lives in a Wide Range of Businesses

The Food & Consumer Services Division provides a wide range of products and services that support people’s lives. As the core Division in charge of the Life & Community domain, the Division strives to promote business with the consumer always in mind, while swiftly responding to fast-changing markets.

Fiscal 2019 Business Initiatives

For the purpose of functional enhancement of a health support business that utilizes personal health data, in August 2019 the Group acquired an equity stake in, and entered into a business alliance with, M-aid Co., Ltd. On the occasion of the equity investment in M-aid Co., Ltd., the Group also entered into a business alliance with Sugi Pharmacy Co., Ltd. for the purpose of constructing a next-generation preventive medical services model.

Food & Consumer Services business project introduction