Chemicals & Electronics

The Chemicals & Electronics Division takes an integrated approach to its three main businesses: automotive materials, chemicals, and electronics. We generate synergies between them to expand business.

In its automotive materials business, the Division manufactures and sells automotive-use plastics and rubber, as well as supplies materials and parts for use in applications such as vehicle batteries through our global network.

In its chemicals business, the Division handles chemical products in a wide range of fields, including detergent raw materials, hygiene materials, and packaging materials used for consumer goods. We maintain strong sales capabilities and networks across Asia through which we continue to expand business. The Division is engaged in global production and sales of iodine, an important resource, and is strengthening value chains through activities such as the manufacture and sale of iodine compounds.

In its electronics business, the Division is Japan’s largest trader of electronic components. We handle a wide range of electronic components and software incorporated into vehicles, consumer electronics, and industrial devices.

The Division promotes network business that globally links people and things, and is strengthening its businesses within as well as outside Japan by enhancing and combining the knowhow and functions of leading affiliates in anticipation of information society changes and mobility society transformations in which data speeds and volumes continue to grow.

Iodine production plant (Chile)
Iodine production plant (Chile)
Electronics manufacturing service
Electronics manufacturing service
Main Products & Services
  • Component parts for automobile production
  • Semiconductor
  • Plastics and rubber
  • Modular product
  • Rubber
  • Automotive embedded software development
  • Batteries and Electronic materials
  • Network integration and support
  • Highly functional specialty chemicals
  • Electronic equipment
  • Specialty and inorganic chemicals
  • PCs, PC peripherals and software
  • Fat and oil products
  • Overseas IT infrastructure exports
  • Chemical additives
  • ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems)
  • Pharmaceuticals and Pharmaceuticals ingredients

Associated Companies

Value Creation Business

Automotive Materials Business and Chemicals Business Value Chains

Automotive Materials Business and Chemicals Business Value Chains

Electronics Business Domain

Electronics Business Domain

Feature 1

In the automotive materials business, the division is globally developing integrated functions ranging from procurement of raw materials to plastic compounds, inventory and logistics, and parts processing. In the chemicals business, the division has constructed value chains that span a wide range of products from upstream to midstream and downstream fields.

Feature 2

In the electronic devices business, the division stably supplies electronic devices through domestic and overseas sites while making new technical proposals and carefully managing factors relating to quality, costs, delivery, and after-sales services. In the information industry business, the division provides ICT services around the world and throughout various business domains.

Fiscal 2020 Business Initiatives

To enhance convenience for airport users and promote regional development, in October 2020 Toyota Tsusho started offering “Airport COMS”, a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) business for tourists at Sendai Airport that utilizes "COMS" brand ultra-compact electric vehicles.

Chemicals & Electronics business project introduction