Message from the President & CEO

To Our Cherished Shareholders

Ichiro Kashitani President & CEO

Toyota Tsusho is deeply indebted to all of its shareholders for their continued kindness and encouragement.

Looking at the external environment, social and economic activities are normalizing as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and are supporting the economy. On the other hand, a high degree of uncertainty continues due to rising prices and persistently high interest rates in major countries, as well as fragmentation and conflict in the international community.

In the business environment surrounding our company, we are witnessing the further acceleration of initiatives to realize a decarbonized society and advances in digital transformation as represented by generative AI, which has the potential to bring about changes not only in industrial structures and corporate activities but also in the way we work.

In such an environment, the Toyota Tsusho Group, in addition to its core business areas, has positioned seven priority domains (Next Mobility, Renewable Energy & Energy Management, Africa, Circular Economy, Batteries, Hydrogen & Alternative Fuels, and Economy of Life) as its growth strategy, combining its business areas of strength with the themes of carbon neutrality and the circular economy. To accelerate this growth strategy, we have revised, effective April 1 of this year, the names of our divisions so that they express the value that they provide to society and our customers based on clear missions.

By advancing business under a new organizational structure, we will aim to be an irreplaceable presence for our customers, business partners, shareholders, local communities, and future society around the world. In other words, we will strive to achieve the Toyota Tsusho Global Vision of “Be the Right ONE”.

I would like to express our company’s sincere gratitude to all of our shareholders for their understanding and backing of the Toyota Tsusho Group, and I humbly request your continued support.

Sincerely yours,

Ichiro Kashitani
President & CEO
June 2024

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