Toyota Tsusho Decided to Invest in Samurai Africa Fund 2 Investment Partnership
- Fund to be used to scout for startups in Africa -

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Toyota Tsusho Corporation ("Toyota Tsusho") announced today that it has decided to invest in Samurai Africa Fund 2 in March 2021, which is a fund managed by Samurai Incubate Inc. ("Samurai Incubate").

In October 2019, Toyota Tsusho and its subsidiary CFAO SAS ("CFAO") established Mobility 54 Investment SAS ("Mobility 54"), an investment company dedicated to the investment and financing of mobility related startups operating in Africa. Since its establishment, Mobility 54 has invested approximately 12 million USD (approximately 1.3 billion JPY) in four startups, accelerating the MaaS business in Africa and seeking to solve issues faced by the mobility sector.

This new investment into Samurai's fund is aimed at scouting startups in fields other than mobility--such as healthcare and retail--as well as for collaboration with Mobility 54 in the field of MaaS. Toyota Tsusho will contribute toward solving social issues in Africa based on the "WITH AFRICA FOR AFRICA" philosophy that seeks to grow with the people and communities of Africa.

Overview of Samurai Africa Fund 2nd General Partnership

Management company
Samurai Incubate Inc.
Target countries
Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Egypt etc.
Target fields
Finance & insurance, logistics, medical & healthcare, retail & e-commerce, energy, agriculture, transportation & mobility, and entertainment
Investment round
Pre-seed series A
Investment amount
10 to 80 million JPY per deal
Total fund size
2.026 billion JPY

Please see the link below for the press release from Samurai Incubate Inc., the company which manages the Samurai Africa Fund 2 investment partnership (external link)

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