Social Contribution

Basic Policy for Social Contribution Activities

As a good corporate citizen, Toyota Tsusho Corporation aims to "live and prosper together with people, society and the Earth," and to contribute to the creation of a prosperous society.

Promotion of Activities

Three key themes

At Toyota Tsusho, we have identified people (education), the earth (environment), and society (welfare) as the three key themes of our social contribution activities, and we accordingly engage in activities around the world to help realize a more prosperous society. The three themes of people (education), the earth (environment), and society (welfare) are also defined in our Corporate Philosophy and these are determined based on our business strategy.
In terms of specific activities, we select and implement substantive and effective programs that strike a balance among the following three approaches of "by company," "by officer and employee" and "by business activity." Toyota Tsusho also encourages officers and employees,supporting their participation in these activities, while the company as a whole voluntarily participates in activities in an autonomous manner aimed at realizing the creation of a prosperous society and at fulfilling our social responsibilities.

Results of Social Contribution Activities

Results of Social Contribution Activities for the Fiscal 2019

  1. * 13 sites took part in campaign to deliver picture books to Asian children.
  2. *A total of 777 employees took part in the above activities, excluding the product fairs.
Total social contribution expenditure by Toyota Tsusho
(fiscal year ended March 31, 2020)
564 million yen

Report of Social Contribution Activities


We believe that the preservation of the Earth's environment is essential to creating prosperous communities. Based on this principle, we are contributing to the realization of a carbon-free society and recycling-oriented society through our business activities, while striving to maintain and preserve biodiversity and ecosystems through social contribution activities.

Cleanup Campaign at Fujimae Tidal Flat, Registered as a Ramsar Convention Site We participate in cleanup campaigns to support environmental conservation of the Fujimae Tidal Flat extending across the tip of Fujimae, Minato district, Nagoya City. In fiscal 2019, 16 employees of Toyota Tsusho Corporation and its Group companies, including family members, joined the campaign at the Ramsar Convention-registered site. Fujimae Tidal Flat serves as a vital stopover sites for many kinds of migratory birds. Located near the company's Nagoya Head Office, it's an urban oasis for wildlife. Unfortunately, the tidal flat and nearby shores are flooded with garbage brought in on the tides, including PET bottles, plastic bags, Styrofoam and other petrochemical-based trash. Local citizens groups, the government, and companies have joined together to protect this important environmental resource.

Tree-Planting Campaign in Brazil

Our Group company Oleos Menu Ind. e Com., Ltda, has been organizing tree-planting activities independently since 2007. In fiscal 2019, the company expanded its activity into a joint program with the city of Guararapes where the company is located, planting 1,620 saplings on city-owned land.
On the day of the event, approx. 50 persons led by the city mayor and city government employees, as well as local residents and Oleos Menu employees , participated in the beautification of Guararapes City’s natural environment.

"Lots of Flowers Project" at Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden

Based on a memorandum of understanding signed with Nagoya City, we are taking part in the "Lots of Flowers Project" to rejuvenate the municipal Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden. We not only donate flower saplings for a part of the garden grounds as a community service, but employees join in caring for the flower beds and gardens by transplanting saplings and weeding the beds. Caring for the flowers hands-on and bringing beautiful things to life makes for an ideal environmental education for the participants. In fiscal 2019 about 42 employees of Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Group companies, including family members, took part in the project.

Morning Clean! – Early Morning Cleanup in Office Neighborhoods

As part of Toyota Tsusho’s contribution to local communities, cleanup activities are held regularly in neighborhoods close to its Tokyo and Nagoya head offices. In fiscal 2019, cleanup activities were held 18 times in total, involving approximately 300 employees from Toyota Tsusho and its Group companies. Beautification campaigns will continue to be organized actively to fulfill our role as a local corporate citizen.

Osaka Marathon Cleanup

Since fiscal 2005, we have participated in municipal beautification projects sponsored by Osaka City, including a community cleanup event for the Osaka Marathon since fiscal 2011. A week before the marathon, campaign participants clean public spaces to beautify the city. Our employees focus their efforts around the Midosuji area near the Osaka Branch. In fiscal 2019, about 30 employees of Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Group companies joined the campaign.

Participation in “Phnom Penh Clean City Challenge with Japan”

Around 90 employees of our Group company Toyota (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. and their families participated in the 2nd Phnom Penh Clean City Challenge with Japan organized by the Embassy of Japan in Cambodia, Japanese Business Association of Cambodia and other organizations.
This project started in fiscal 2018. In addition to beautification of city streets, Japanese and Cambodian people coming together for cleanup in Phnom Penh City also serves an educational purpose by raising the awareness of local residents and helps to promote an activity that is uniquely Japanese.

Zero-Waste Environmental Protection Volunteer Activity in China

Our Group company Toyota Tsusho (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., together with subsidiaries of Toyota Motor Corporation in China, participated in a volunteer program to urge local residents to engage in eco-friendly activities and resource recycling.
Volunteers were recruited from the various offices and plants of Toyota Group companies, including Toyota Tsusho (Tianjin), for activities that were held simultaneously in Changchun, Shenyang, Tianjin and Beijing. Organized under the slogan “ONE EARTH, ONE HOME,” volunteers were involved in very meaningful activities, handing out leaflets urging passers-by to sort and recycle resources, having interested citizens participate in the reuse of plastic bottles as flower vases and creating eco shopping bags from textile waste.

Environmental Protection Activities in the United States

The Indiana offices of our Group company Toyota Tsusho America, Inc., working in cooperation with Pike County Soil and Water Conservation District Board, purchased more than 1,000 saplings for planting by their employees and local elementary school students in their homes. The company is also offering volunteer service of wrapping each sapling purchased and tagging them with information such as how to plant the tree and the benefits of trees to the environment.
In addition, an Earth Day program was organized at four elementary schools in Gibson County and three in Pike County, again in cooperation with the Pike County Soil and Water Preservation District Board, to discuss waste reduction, reuse and recycling with the students. The program offered various ideas to encourage student to think about the environment, such as asking students to add decorations on the theme of environmental protection to tote bags made with reusable textile.

2. Education

Toyota Tsusho is involved in various educational activities, including a scholarship program to provide better educational environments for exchange students from overseas, support for the improvement of educational environments in regions where there is little access to education, and initiatives aimed at nurturing future generations.

Toyota Tsusho Corporation International Student Scholarship

The Toyota Tsusho Corporation International Student Scholarship program is intended to ease the financial burdens of foreign students enrolled in Japanese universities and enhance educational effectiveness while contributing to development of human resources that promotes international exchange. To date, a cumulative total of 400 students have received this scholarships.
In fiscal 2019, we provided overseas study scholarships to 27 students from 20 countries, mainly Africa, Europe, and the United States. The students were invited to visit company offices in April and January for exchange sessions.
The scholarship program fosters future business partners while also supporting the development of communities in which we do business.

Participating in the Picture Book Delivery Campaign

Since the fiscal year ending March 31, 2011, Toyota Tsusho has participated in the Picture Book Delivery Campaign in cooperation with the Shanti Volunteer Association, supporting the sound development of children. In this campaign, stickers with translations in local languages are stuck onto Japanese picture books and delivered to regions such as Cambodia and Laos that do not have enough books for children.
In this campaign, stickers with translations in local languages are stuck onto Japanese picture books and delivered to regions such as Cambodia and Laos that do not have enough books for children.
In fiscal 2019, campaign activities were held at 13 bases across Japan; 300 Group employees participated to create 300 picture books which were then delivered to Laos.
Going forwards, Toyota Tsusho will continue to support efforts to improve learning environments.

Public visits to wind and solar power generation plants

Visitors show a keen interest in a presentation during a power plant visit "Being a corporation that develops together with each region, and is trusted by society" is part of the vision of a Toyota Tsusho Group company, Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation. To realize this vision, the company invites the public to tour the more than 30 wind and solar power generation plants it operates in Japan.
During the tours, visitors can learn how wind and sunlight generate electric power, and see actual windmills and solar panels close-up to experience their sheer size.
Each year, more than 1,700 people visit the plants. Eurus Energy Holdings is committed to continuing to enhance public understanding of the electric power industry and provide environmental education to children.

Tour of Full-cycle Bluefin Tuna Aquaculture Site

Tuna Dream Goto Co., Ltd., a Toyota Tsusho Group company, invited students and teachers of Municipal Tamanoura Junior High School and Municipal Fukue Junior High School in Goto City to a tour of the full-cycle bluefin tuna aquaculture site as part of its local community contribution activities.
Nagasaki Prefecture ranks No. 1 in Japan for bluefin tuna aquaculture volume. For Goto City, a major production center, it is an important industry as well. Because the bluefin tuna is in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, sustainable farming is in great demand in order to maintain the industry in the future. The participants of the tour were told that the integrated cycle from eggs to adult is attracting attention for maintenance of resources and were given a presentation on the full-cycle cultivation business at the company. They listened with great interest to the explanation, including hardships involved in the growth process and delicious ways to eat bluefin tuna. At the end of the tour, the students and teachers were delighted to be given the chance to take part in feeding the tuna weighing more than 40 kilograms each.

Supporting Elementary Schools in Guangzhou Province, China

Toyota Tsusho (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., a Toyota Tsusho Group company, provides continuous support to elementary schools in Guangzhou Province in order to improve the educational environment for children.
In fiscal 2019, we renovated the library room of Huangpu Chongde Experimental School which serves the children of migrant workers in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. In addition to upgrading the lighting in the library, all dilapidated school desks and chairs were replaced with new one, and the library layout was modified to let in more light. The company’s labor union also donated 201 books.

Basketball Clinic and Invitation to Pro Game

Toyotsu Fighting Eagles, the Toyota Tsusho Group's professional basketball team, holds skills clinics and invites community members to professional basketball games as part of its effort to support sports development, nurture youth, and galvanize the community. At the clinics, coaches and players from the professional team engage with young players by teaching new skills and playing practice games with them.
In the middle of the basketball season, the Toyotsu Fighting Eagles also invites children and other members of the local welfare facilities to watch professional basketball games and witness the best players in the country at their sport. In fiscal 2019, about 450 members of the community were invited to games and about 3,100 youths participated in basketball clinics held 400 times at elementary and junior high schools in Aichi Prefecture and Minato City, Tokyo.

Support of Fuel Cell Vehicle Project for High School Students

Toyota Tsusho supports the Fuel Cell Vehicle Project for High School Students (sponsored by Nagoya City Science Museum) aimed at research into hydrogen and fuel cell batteries by high school students in Nagoya City.
A presentation on our hydrogen business was held at Nagoya Head Office for students qualifying for the project, followed by a tour of the hydrogen station located in Atsuta-ku, Nagoya and managed by the Group. The students listened intently about how hydrogen is actually utilized in business, what the issues are, and engaged in the subsequent Q&A session with great enthusiasm. The students were also able to ride the hydrogen vehicle MIRAI as means of transportation on the day, enjoying the day filled with practical experiences.


We are supporting various welfare programs around the world, including programs for people with disabilities, and poverty countermeasures in developing countries.

Healthcare Support in Africa

Since 2011, our Group company CFAO SAS has supported Club Sante Afrique (CSA) as a founding member. CFAO partners with AMREF-Flying Doctors, a leading African health assistance organization, to raise donations and operate CSA. AMREF focuses on training for medical practitioners, health care for mothers and children, medical and surgery-related assistance and telemedicine as the four priority areas of support in Sub-Saharan Africa. CSA provides training to medical practitioners and midwives in Senegal and Cote d'Ivoire, with more than 12,000 midwives and nurses having taken classes. CSA is also engaged in mobile medicine, remote medicine, healthcare schools, and HIV and malaria infection prevention programs, with plans to expand its activities to more countries in Africa.

Table for Two Program

Since 2008, Toyota Tsusho has been participating in the Table For Two (TFT) program organized by NPO Table For Two International.
In this program, employees are able to donate ¥10 with each purchase of a designated menu item or drink at the employee cafeteria, and the company matches it by donating the same amount. A total of ¥20 per meal is donated through TFT to developing countries. This allows employees to eat balanced meals and improve their health against lifestyle diseases. At the same time, meals are delivered to schools in developing countries, aiding to mitigate against nutritional imbalance in the world.
In fiscal 2019, in a drive to disseminate greater awareness among employees, the program covered not only designated meals at employee cafeterias but also meals provided at the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) and for World Food Day.
To date, we have donated a total of 322,705 meals to children in African and Asian countries  Our track record in support was recognized by Table For Two International with presentation of a certificate of acknowledgement and a Partner badge.

Operational Volunteers at Tajimi Wine Festival

We support the work of AJU Center for Independent Living, an innovative social welfare organization helping people with severe disabilities not only receive welfare services but create their own services by having them take central roles in various activities, including planning and operating welfare facilities. AJU Center for Independent Living holds the Tajimi Wine Festival in Tajimi, Gifu Prefecture every November. In 2015, AJU Center for Independent Living opened the Komaki Winery, where people with severe disabilities can live in their community in their own way by working a vineyard and making their own wine. At the event, people working at the winery explain their grape harvesting and wine-making activities during the year and their efforts to become independent. The winery admission fees and wine sales revenues go to pay wages of people working both at the winery and at the Tajimi Monastery.
In fiscal 2019, 8 employees of Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Group companies, including family members, served as festival operation volunteers. The festival now beckons more than 3,000 visitors, establishing itself as a major community event which supports the economic independence of people with disabilities, helps vitalize the community, and promotes collaboration among all community residents. We will be honored to continue supporting the festival in the future.

Office Product Fair to Support People with Disabilities

Toyota Tsusho Corporation's Nagoya Head Office hosts a product fair four times a year featuring breads and pastries made by Yotsubanokai, a social welfare corporation in Nagoya City dedicated to supporting people with disabilities. Employees flock to booths bursting with a wide variety of delicious items. Yotsubanokai also participates in dance performances at Nippon Domannaka Festival which our company sponsors. In addition to donating dance costumes, we volunteered to support its dance activities. We will continue to support the active social participation of organizations for people with disabilities.

Supporting the Tokai Wheelchair Twin Basketball Kariya Tournament

 Since the fiscal year ended March 31, 2009, we have sponsored the Toyota Tsusho and Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Cup Tokai Wheelchair Twin Basketball Kariya Tournament, while also providing volunteers for the tournament operations.

Wheelchair basketball was invented in Japan as a team sport for quadriplegics. The tournament is a way to maintain and improve the mental and physical health of people with severe disabilities who tend to remain at home or in nursing facilities, and encourage them to actively participate in society.

We are Stronger Together: Supporting Medical Practitioners in Jamaica

To support medical practitioners tackling huge loads of work at medical institutions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Group company Toyota Jamaica provided free lunch packs to medical workers by using facilities at a coffee shop located in its Old Hope Road branch office. Branch office staff worked with enthusiasm, adding messages of encouragement and gratitude to the lunch packs.

Volunteer Work at Special Needs School in Argentina

Our Group company Toyota Tsusho Argentina volunteered with the local labor union to paint the walls of a special needs school, with a total of 23 persons participating. Children of employees at the Group company go to the school. However, there is nearly zero support from the government, despite being located in a poor area. In addition to paints and tools for wall painting, we donated teaching materials that the school needs.

Visit to Sunny Factory Center for the Disabled in Heping District Tianjin City

Toyota Tsusho Tianjin Co., Ltd. has been making regular visits to Sunny Factory Center for the Disabled in Heping District, Tianjin City, since November 2019. At Sunny Factory, disabled workers engage chiefly in pasting labels for Guoren Zhang , a famous Tianjin sweets retailer. The facility offers disabled persons the opportunities to participate in society through work and to communicate with other people by venturing outdoors, in hope that they are able to live independently in the future. In the visit in November 2019, we made flower bouquets and pictures with colored paper with the people at the center. During the visit in January 2020, we presented goods for the Chinese New Year and made New Year calligraphy works. In May 2020, health protection and sanitation goods were donated to the Center to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

4.Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Support

We continue to support the disaster region by responding to the needs of the local residents. Our employees participate in volunteer work through the Disaster Area Recovery Support by Toyota Group, and we back specially designated guidance classrooms and study halls for children living in temporary housing and disaster region towns.

Delivering Educational Toys to Children in Disaster-stricken Regions

Since fiscal 2015, we have collaborated with NPO The Life Style Research Institute of Forests to deliver wooden educational toys to Japanese children living in regions stricken by natural disasters. Wooden blocks, puzzles, and stamps for hiragana and katakana phonics characters are made out of wood collected from tree-thinning in Japan’s forests. These educational toys are then delivered to Japanese children living in disaster regions. In fiscal 2019, 94 employees from the company and Group companies took part in the program creating educational puzzles by covering wooden cubes with masking tape in red, blue and yellow in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. Three boxes of educational puzzles were delivered to a nursery school and kindergarten in Fukushima Prefecture.
Participants invested their hopes for the children in Fukushima while making toys for the event.

Merchandise sales for Tohoku disaster relief

Since 2011, we have regularly organized in-company markets to sell foods and processed food products from the disaster-struck area for disaster relief.
In fiscal 2019, fairs were held for goods from Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures. On the day of the event, some 300 employees of Toyota Tsusho and Group companies visited the fair. We plan to continue engaging in activities in which individual employees are able to support the disaster-struck areas at the personal level. 

Great East Japan Earthquake Support from Taiwan

Our Group company Toyota Tsusho (Taiwan) Co., Ltd., participated in the project led by Professor Takuo Tanaka of Chuo University to send Christmas cards to children in the disaster-struck areas.
The employees created illustrations and messages in hope of communicating to the children that they are cheering for them from Taiwan. We are hoping to help and support each other all around the world in face of natural disasters that may come in the future.

5.Other Employee Volunteer Activities

Toyota Tsusho Group employees are involved in a variety of volunteer programs. We are providing continuous support for victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake consistent with the needs of local communities, and participating in such day-to-day volunteer activities as collecting used stamps, foreign coins, and PET bottle caps to support developing countries.
In order to encourage employees to take part in social contribution activities, a volunteer support program offers coverage of transportation fee to employees engaging in volunteer work while on paid leave. Also, social contribution awards are presented to employees who take their own initiative to engage in volunteer activities. The use of banana paper, a fair trade item, for the award certificate has attracted employee interest as well.

Employee Social Contribution with Donation Program

Toyota Tsusho has a program for employees to be able to donate employee welfare points received from the company and incentives received for improvement proposals submitted. The donations collected are presented to NPOs and NGOs in Japan and other countries active in the fields of the environment, education, social welfare, disaster relief and other areas.
In fiscal 2019, the collected funds were donated to the pediatric medical care facility construction in Africa, parasports and facility for the disabled in Aichi Prefecture.