New mission-oriented organizational structure

The Toyota Tsusho Group, along with accelerating innovation that creates new forms of added value and establishing business domains that are unique to Toyota Tsusho, is aiming to achieve carbon neutrality and a circular economy through group-wide efforts under the slogan: "Passing on a better global environment to the children of the future".

In April 2023, we reorganized the business domains in which we have strengths, as well as our engagements in the areas of carbon neutrality and the circular economy, into seven priority domains*1. To further accelerate the realization of our growth strategy in those seven priority domains, we are now changing our organizational structure.

Also, we will reevaluate the value we provide to our customers and change the names of our divisions, which have been conventionally based on the products they handled, to ones that express the value the divisions provide to society and our customers based on a clear mission.

prioriry domains

*1 Seven Priority Domains: Next Mobility, Renewable Energy & Energy Management, Africa, Circular Economy, Batteries, Hydrogen & Alternative Fuels, Economy of Life (Healthcare, foodstuffs, and other businesses that are essential to daily life that enhance the quality of life)

New organizational structure

New organizational structure