Toyota Tsusho Supplies Biofuel to Oceangoing Vessel at the Port of Nagoya

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Toyota Tsusho Corporation ("Toyota Tsusho") announced today that it has supplied biodiesel fuel ("biofuel") through its Group company, Toyota Tsusho Marine Fuel Corporation, for a test voyage for DREAM JASMINE (oceangoing vessel), which is operated by Toyofuji Shipping Co., Ltd. ("Toyofuji Shipping").

Biofuel was supplied to DREAM JASMINE at the Port of Nagoya on October 27 using ship-to-ship bunkering* and the vessel departed for Oceania (Australia/NZ route) the next day. As Japan's first continuous supply of biofuel on a commercial basis, Toyota Tsusho has been supplying biofuel to Toyofuji Shipping's car carrier TOYOFUJI MARU (domestic vessel), but this is the first time that it has supplied biofuel to an oceangoing vessel of Toyofuji Shipping.

Toyota Tsusho, in cooperation with Daiseki Eco. Solution Co., Ltd., is continuing to procure waste cooking oil collected from the employee cafeterias and other facilities of the Toyota Group and Toyota Tsusho Group companies, which is then refined as part of the raw materials and blended with heavy oil to supply the biofuel.

The Toyota Tsusho Group will continue to contribute toward the transition to a carbon neutral society by accelerating businesses contributing to the reduction of GHG through the industrial life cycle and promoting initiatives toward carbon neutrality, so as to pass on a better global environment to the children of the future.

DREAM JASMINE receiving biofuel supply

*Ship-to-ship bunkering
A method of fueling a ship moored at a quay or pier and a ship alongside by a fuel supply ship sideways

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