Toyota Tsusho Completes Facilities for Power Transmission and Storage Project in Northern Hokkaido
- Japan's Largest Lithium-Ion Battery Storage Facility to Adjust for Output Fluctuations in Wind Power Generation -

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Toyota Tsusho Corporation ("Toyota Tsusho") announced today the completion of construction for a set of transmission and substation facilities undertaken by North Hokkaido Wind Energy Transmission Corporation ("Hokubu Souden"), a special purpose company established by several companies, including Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation ("Eurus Energy"), a group company of Toyota Tsusho Corporation. The Toyota Tsusho Group has been installing Japan's largest-scale storage battery system, power transmission and substation facilities, and one of the largest wind power generation facilities in Japan in the northern area of Hokkaido.

This project is part of the Power Grid Development Demonstration Project for Wind Power Generation sponsored by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy under Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. It is being undertaken as a demonstration project for the development of a regional power grid and technical challenges in the northern Hokkaido area, a suitable site for wind power generation with challenges in expanding the introduction of wind power generation due to the weak power grid. In 2013, Hokubu Souden was selected as the project operator, and commercial operation started on April 12, 2023 after development, construction, testing, and adjustment.

The completed facility consists of a 78-km transmission line from Wakkanai City, Hokkaido to the Nishi-Nakagawa substation built in the town of Nakagawa by the Hokkaido Electric Power Network, Inc., the Kitatoyotomi substation and switchyard, and a system of Japan's largest lithium-ion storage batteries (240 MW / 720 MWh) to mitigate and regulate power output fluctuations at the wind power generation plant. In the neighboring area, Eurus Energy-affiliated Dohoku Wind Farm LLC and two other companies are constructing a new onshore wind farm with a capacity of 540 MW, one of the largest in Japan, and part of the plant has already been connected to the transmission and substation facilities of Hokubu Souden, with operation commencing sequentially since April 2023.
Going forward, the facility will be used to demonstrate technical challenges, and it will contribute toward resolving power grid constraints and ensuring a stable power supply for the mass introduction of wind power generation, as well as to the economic and industrial development of the region surrounding the demonstration project area.

The Toyota Tsusho Group, led by Eurus Energy, the largest wind power generation company in Japan, will accelerate its efforts to expand the introduction of renewable energy, including wind power, and to achieve carbon neutrality, in order to realize a sustainable society.

Transmission lines spanning approximately 78 km
One of the largest lithium-ion storage battery systems in Japan

Overview of the Power Grid Development Demonstration Project for Wind Power Generation in the Northern Hokkaido Area

Project area
Wakkanai City, Toyotomi-cho, Horonobe-cho, Teshio-cho, Nakagawa-cho (Power transmission line)
Nakatombetsu-cho (Shirikoma Relay Station)
line specifications
Approx. 78 km long, 269 transmission towers
187 kV (2lines) approx. 70km + 66kV (2lines) approx.8 km
Kita Toyotomi Substation (187 kV / 66 kV)
Wakkanai Keihoku switchyard (66 kV), Kaigen switchyard (66 kV)
Total project cost
Approx. 105 billion yen
Interconnected substations
Hokkaido Electric Power Network Nishi-Nakagawa Substation
Storage battery specifications
240 MW × 3 h (720 MWh)
Interconnected wind power
generation plant
Approx. 540 MW (planned)
(Newly developed system to be interconnected with a maximum of 300 MW)

Overview of Hokkaido-Hokubu-Fuuryoku-Souden Co. (As of April 1,2023)

Company name
North Hokkaido Wind Energy Transmission Corporation
5-1, Suehiro 5-chome, Wakkanai City, Hokkaido
August 8, 2013
President Tomomi Yoshimura
Capital: 1.025 billion yen, Capital reserve: 925 million yen, Total: 1.95 billion yen
Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation
Cosmo Eco Power Co., Ltd.
Wakkanai Shinkin Bank
Hokkaido Electric Power Network Inc.
Wakkanai Green Factory Co., Ltd.
The Hokkaido Bank, Ltd.
North Pacific Bank, Ltd.

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