President's Address for the 2023 Company Entrance Ceremony

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Congratulations to all of our new employees. It is my great pleasure to welcome all 68 of you here today as new colleagues of Toyota Tsusho Corporation. On behalf of all of our executives and other employees, I extend to you my heartfelt congratulations.

I am sure that all of you had to endure job hunting with various uncertainties and restrictions on travel and interviews due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For overcoming many difficulties, choosing Toyota Tsusho of your own free will, and joining the company today, I would like to say once again: "Congratulations!" And, as if it had been waiting for you to join our company, the end of the pandemic finally seems to be approaching. I look forward to seeing all of you play active roles in your new stage--Toyota Tsusho.

At Toyota Tsusho, where you will be working from now on, we have raised "Be the Right ONE" as the ideal image in our Global Vision. We are aiming to become an irreplaceable and indispensable presence around the world for our customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders, local communities, and future society. For that, and in these rapidly changing times, every one of us needs to possess expertise and strengths that are unique to Toyota Tsusho, or, in other words, we must all have professional "tags". Human resources with various "tags" organically link, maximize team power, and create one-and-only value. Our doing so will enable us to become a company that our customers will continue to trust and choose. By sharing this great aspiration and passion with our new colleagues, let us take on new challenges together for the sake of someone else in the world and the children of the future.

Today, I have three requests.

The first is not to be afraid to fail.
Our company is about adding points, not subtracting them. There is no need to fear failure. Even if you fail, there is still much to be learned. However, when you fail, never blame others. Blaming others is easy but it doesn't bring learning. Growth comes from looking back at oneself without blaming others, honestly reflecting on what should have been done and on whether there was something that you, yourself, could have done, and not repeating the same failure.

Next is my second request.
Strive to be a professional second to none in the domain of the work that you have been given. As the saying goes, "Bloom where you have been placed." Please aim to be a presence that is trusted by others in the role that you have been entrusted with, as well as a presence about which our customers and your colleagues will say that they know that they can leave it up to you. To become a professional, I hope that you will continue to learn steadily and honestly from your seniors, colleagues, other people, and worksites, as well as from history and books. When you become a presence that is recognized by those around you, the time has come to leap to the next stage. For those who have blossomed where they have been placed, our company will continue to provide opportunities to bloom even larger, as well as opportunities for their next new challenge.

And, finally, here is my third request.
We are the first listed company in the wholesale industry to be selected as a Health & Productivity Stock Selection brand for the third consecutive year as a company that is actively engaged in employee health management. I hope that all of you, as members of society, will be thoroughly aware of your health management on a level different from when you were students and lead a healthy and energetic life every day, both while at work and away.

In closing, thanks to the hard work of your seniors, we have announced our forecast for record profits in fiscal 2022. Toyota Tsusho will advance to its next new stage and continue to take on the challenge of becoming a one-and-only presence that significantly contributes to society, the environment, and the future. From now, you, the younger generation, will be the ones to take on this challenge. I sincerely look forward to your success. Let's take on challenges together!

With this, I conclude my words of welcome.

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