Toyota Tsusho Selected as Health & Productivity Stock for the Third Year in a Row

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Toyota Tsusho Corporation ("Toyota Tsusho") announced today that it has been selected in the Health & Productivity Stock Selection Program 2023, jointly organized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry ("METI") and the Tokyo Stock Exchange ("TSE").

Each year, companies listed on the TSE are evaluated under the Health & Productivity Stock Selection Program that selects those who strategically carry out efforts regarding their employees' health from a management perspective. This is the third year in a row that Toyota Tsusho has been selected under the program.


Three main reasons, listed below, were given for the selection of Toyota Tsusho.

Toyota Tsusho’s health and productivity management initiatives

1. Introduction of “Healthy Life-styles Challenge 8” Program, tackling eight areas for improvements
In April 2021, Toyota Tsusho introduced the “Healthy Life-styles Challenge 8” Program, which encourages health improvements in eight areas: Desirable weight, Exercise, Alcohol, Quit smoking, Breakfast, Snack and sweet, Sleep, and Stress. These activities can be expected to lead to improvements in lifestyle-related diseases and mental health. The company also carries out health management centered on preventing cancer and infectious diseases.

Amid the rise of issues relevant to the lifestyle-related diseases, along with the increase of average age and obesity rate, Toyota Tsusho strives to make steadfast efforts to encourage each one of its employees, both in Japan and overseas, to practice individual health management in any and every environment to improve health literacy and the mental and physical health, all of which Toyota Tsusho prioritize most as for health and productivity.

2. Health guidance for obesity prevention for young people and walking/exercise events creating exercise habits
Recently, there has been an issue with the increasing number of younger generation under 40, to whom the Special Health Guidance does not apply. In July 2021, 167 employees under 40 with BMIs of 25 or more were given obesity guidance using the Lifestyle Diseases Risk Report that analyzed individual health check results referring to big data and a predictive model. Toyota Tsusho will continue health guidance in conjunction with issuing these reports. In addition, Toyota Tsusho has planned and executed walking events and online exercise seminars as measures to countermeasure against the lack of exercise among employees.

3. Ongoing measures for COVID-19 infections
As measures to combat COVID-19 in Japan, by allowing employees to work from home and restricting business trips, depending on the severity of infections, Toyota Tsusho held seminars initiated by occupational physicians for sharing correct knowledge of COVID-19. In addition, the 4th workplace vaccination was taken place, including at affiliate companies, which allowed both Toyota Tsusho and its affiliates companies to establish a system to appropriately prevent the spread of infections upon identification of an infected employee in collaboration with taskforce members in all the divisions. An inquiry counter for health consultation was set up in the Health Management Office, enabling health-related consultations by employees at any time.

Globally, Toyota Tsusho is continuing to track the situation in each country through monitoring infection status. In addition, it is moving ahead with development of a working-at-home system in each Region, allowing both new working styles and preventing infections.

Toyota Tsusho recognizes that the physical and mental health of employees is the company’s most important asset. Going forward, Toyota Tsusho will continue to undertake health and productivity management based on the three pillars consisting of employee health, improvement of workplace vitality, and social contribution.

The information in this release is current as of the date of announcement.
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