Toyota Tsusho Underwrites Third-Party Allotment of Shares by Zeroboard, a Solution Provider Supporting GHG Emissions Calculation, Disclosure, and Reduction

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Toyota Tsusho Corporation ("Toyota Tsusho") announced today that it has made the decision to underwrite a third-party allocation of shares by Zeroboard Inc. ("Zeroboard").

Zeroboard offers a service for the calculation and visualization of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, "zeroboard," which enables the visualization of emissions for Scope 1, 2, and 3 of the entire supply chain, based on global standards (GHG Protocol). In addition, as all industries are now required to calculate the carbon footprint (CFP), which is the GHG emissions throughout the entire supply chain by products and services, "zeroboard" is the first in the industry to provide CFP calculation.
Although Toyota Tsusho had previously had a cooperative relationship with Zeroboard, the decision to invest in Zeroboard was made this time to accelerate the collaboration with the company, a potential long-term partner for the Toyota Tsusho Group, as it strives to contribute to the transition to a decarbonized society decided in Key Sustainability Issues (Materiality).

In addition to its own use of "zeroboard," the Toyota Tsusho Group will collaborate with Zeroboard to visualize GHG emissions and respond to CFP for customers in Japan and overseas, mainly in the automotive industry, and provide GHG emission reduction solutions, including renewable energy and recycling businesses, in order to become the one-stop shop for its customers' carbon neutrality solutions.

Overview of Zeroboard Inc.

Company name
Zeroboard Inc.
Minato-ku, Tokyo
August 2021
Representative Director Michitaka Tokeiji
Business description
Development and provision of GHG emission calculation and visualization cloud service “zeroboard”; electricity and environmental value consulting; branding and campaign support; and others

GHG emission calculation and visualization cloud service “zeroboard”

Our Efforts So Far

- July 8, 2021 announcement: Accelerated Initiatives to Cut down Greenhouse Gas Emissions to Contribute to the Transition into a Decarbonized Society –

- November 4, 2021 announcement: The Formulation of an Investment Strategy to Achieve Carbon Neutrality –

- March 15, 2022 announcement: Toyota Tsusho Launches Service for Calculation and Visualization of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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