Toyota Tsusho Donates Personal Protective Equipment for Medical Frontlines to City of Nagoya Health & Welfare Bureau

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Toyota Tsusho Corporation ("Toyota Tsusho") announces that it has provided 10,000 sets of medical personal protective equipment (isolation gowns) to the City of Nagoya Health & Welfare Bureau. This is a part of the Kokoro Hakobu Project* being undertaken by Toyota Motor Corporation and other Toyota Group companies. The bureau will subsequently supply these gowns to medical organizations within the City of Nagoya.

To contribute toward addressing equipment shortage at medical frontlines dealing with COVID-19, Toyota Tsusho decided to manufacture and provide good quality medical personal protective equipment with high functionality together with Toyota Tsusho Group companies Toyotsu Vehitecs Co., Ltd. and Toyota Tsusho Matex Corporation using sewing and manufacturing technologies developed through the manufacturing of automotive textile products such as airbags.

Going forward, as a member of the Toyota Group, Toyota Tsusho will continue to offer support toward preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Medical personal protective equipment provided Donation taking place at the Health &
Welfare Bureau Chief's office in Nagoya City Hall

The Kokoro Hakobu Project (with "Kokoro Hakobu" meaning "to carry or deliver one's heart" in Japanese) has been the collective name of nationwide initiatives by Toyota, Toyota sales outlets in Japan, and their employees to provide continuous and long-term support to disaster-affected areas in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake. The name has the connotation of "carrying you in our hearts." Based on Toyota's desire to contribute in some way to people who have contracted and are suffering from COVID-19, as well as to the medical professionals, Japan's central government, and local governments in Japan fighting the disease night and day, Toyota has decided to apply "The Kokoro Hakobu Project" as its overall moniker for related support activities conducted by Toyota Group companies working together.

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