Toyota Tsusho Canada invests in Velocia Inc., a Mobility-rewards Platformer
-Mobility as a Service (MaaS) investment in North America from Toyota Tsusho Canada to accelerate next generation mobility-

Toyota Tsusho Canada (TTCI), a Canadian Corporation and a Toyota Tsusho Corporation's overseas subsidiary, has invested in Velocia on February 2020 to accelerate development and expansion of Velocia's MaaS ecosystem and rewards programs.

Velocia is a free mobility app that rewards multimodal transit use in cities, incentivizing users to leave their cars at home and choose active and shared transportation options for their daily commutes to reduce traffic congestion.

TTCI has been active in the next generation mobility efforts in North America, supporting Velocia's board of directors in an advisory capacity since 2018. With this newly established relationship with Velocia, TTCI will aim to participate and gain industry know-how in the rapidly growing North American MaaS industry.

Company Information

Company Name

Velocia, Inc.
Ontario, Canada (Development Site: Toronto, Canada)
David Winterstein, CEO
Business Description
Development and operation of a Mobility-reward platform, aiming to change mobility behaviors and reduce traffic congestion
No. of Employees
15 (As of March 2020)