Mobility 54 invests in Sendy Limited - a logistics digital platformer in Africa
- contributing to solve the social challenges in the African logistics industry -

Mobility 54 Investment SAS ("Mobility 54") - established in October 2019 under a group joint venture between Toyota Tsusho Corporation ("Toyota Tsusho") and CFAO SAS ("CFAO") - has decided to participate in the series B funding and to invest USD 7.6 million in Sendy Limited ("Sendy") engaging in logistics digital platform services in Africa.

1. About Sendy

While the logistics market in Africa has been expanding due to economic development and population increase, Sendy is engaged in the digital platform services in East Africa directly connecting consignors of goods (i.e. consumer goods manufacturers, e-Commerce operators, etc) and logistics operators (i.e. drivers of trucks, motorcycles, transporters etc).

The Sendy’s digital platform enables efficient delivery operations as well as cost reduction by eliminating intermediaries and negotiation of terms of delivery services (i.e. pricing, destinations, delivery dates etc) that the consignors and operators each time had to tackle on a case-by-case basis.

It also drastically improves the transparency and safety of delivery operations by which the platform enables real-time tracking of delivery status – leading to solve the traceability challenge that the logistics industry in Africa has long been struggling.

2. Purpose of Investment

The investment in Sendy by Toyota Tsusho Group is in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding entered into by and between Sendy and Toyota Tsusho at the time of TICAD7 at the end of August 2019.

Toyota Tsusho Group is committed to support the Sendy’s business expansion with Kaizen initiatives on the ground. The group will also engage in facilitating the use of Sendy’s services with the group’s Pan-Africa automotive network, consumer goods and retail operation, agricultural operation etc, generating mutual synergies between Sendy and the group.

3. Toyota Tsusho Next Mobility Strategy

Toyota Tsusho Group is to pursue the MaaS/CASE business in Africa through Mobility 54 based upon its mid-term strategy of “Africa” and “Next Mobility”, so as to contribute to solving the social challenges in the mobility industry in Africa.

4. Outline of Sendy Limited

Company Name
Sendy Limited
Nairobi, the Republic of Kenya
Founder & CEO Alloys Meshack Onyango
Business Description
Digital platform services in the logistics industry in Kenya.

5. Outline of Mobility 54 Investment SAS

Company Name
Mobility 54 Investment SAS
Sèvres, France
President & CEO Takeshi Watanabe
Business Description
Investment and financing with start-up companies.
Generation of synergies with Toyota Tsusho/CFAO group.