Toyota Tsusho Group Starts Supplying RE100 Renewable Electricity to Hydrogen Station
-Nagoya Atsuta Hydrogen Station Becomes the First Customer!-

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Ene Vision Corporation ("Ene Vision"), a Toyota Tsusho Group company, has started supplying "RE100*1 electricity,"*2 which is recognized as electricity sourced from100% renewable energy, as of December 1, 2019. Ene Vision engages in optimizing customers' energy systems through engineering, and the first destination of the RE100 electricity that it supplies is the Nagoya Atsuta Hydrogen Station, which is operated by Toyotsu Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy Corporation, a Toyota Tsusho Group company. The purchase of RE 100 electricity from Ene Vision effectively turns the electricity consumed at the Nagoya Atsuta Hydrogen Station into 100% renewable energy.

Going forward, the Toyota Tsusho Group will continue to promote initiatives aiming for the realization of a low-carbon society by contributing to reducing carbon dioxide emissions through synergy between group companies.

*1 RE100: Stands for Renewable Energy 100%. RE100 is a global environmental initiative that was established to reduce the burden on the environmental load of business activities.
*2 RE100 electricity: Electricity service menu considered to be sourced from 100% renewable energy

Ene Vision Corporation

Toyotsu Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy Corporation

Nagoya Atsuta Hydrogen Station

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