Toyota Tsusho Establishes Hino Truck Wholesaler in Saudi Arabia
- First Japanese-owned truck wholesaler in Saudi Arabia -

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Toyota Tsusho Corporation ("Toyota Tsusho") announces today it has established a Saudi Arabian wholesaler for Hino Motors, Ltd. ("Hino") trucks in partnership with local conglomerate Jamjoom Group. The wholesaler, Tsusho Jamjoom Trading Company ("TJT"), began full-scale sales activities in October, 2019 as the first-ever Japanese-owned truck wholesaler in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia, one of the leading oil-producing countries in the Middle East, is pursuing Vision 2030 as its economic and social reform strategy to reduce dependence on oil production and diversify industry. Amid this reform, local truck demand continues to expand, and currently Saudi Arabia accounts for 50% of the commercial vehicle market in the Middle East. Going forward, sustained expansion of the demand for trucks is expected due to the role they play in the logistics infrastructure supporting new industry born from industrial diversification and the increase in construction investment.

In 1972, Toyota Tsusho began exporting Hino trucks to Saudi Arabia, partnering with the Jamjoom Group as a local Hino distributor. The newly established wholesaler combines the Jamjoom Group's local sales network with Toyota Tsusho's after-sales service know-how developed through its automobile business. The new wholesaler will not only enhance the sales function, but bolster total support for commercial vehicles encompassing vehicle inspection, maintenance and repair, and spare parts supply.

As economic growth continues in Saudi Arabia, Toyota Tsusho will strive to contribute to the country's further development through supplying Hino trucks with QDR(excellent quality, durability, and reliability), generating new jobs, training technicians.

TJT Overview

Company name
Tsusho Jamjoom Trading Company Conceptual image of planned Jeddah head office
Head office location
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
July 2019
Start of sales activities
October 2019
Tsutomu Mori
42 million Saudi riyal (approx. 1.2 billion yen) Conceptual image of planned Dammam branch
Shareholders Toyota Tsusho, 51%
Jamjoom Group, 49%
Employees 150 (as of October 2019)
Business description Wholesaler and retailer of Hino trucks in Saudi Arabia and after-sales services

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