Toyota Tsusho Engages in Capital and Business Tie-up with Smart Holdings, which Possesses Cutting-edge Automotive Control System Development Technology
-Enhancing Engineering Functions for Automotive System Development for Next-generation Automobile-

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Toyota Tsusho Corporation (head office: Nagoya, Aichi prefecture; "Toyota Tsusho") has engaged in capital and business tie-up with Smart Holdings Inc. ("Smart Holdings") in the aim of enhancing its development of onboard control systems for next-generation mobility. With this investment by Toyota Tsusho, Toyota Systems Co, Ltd. (headquarters: Nagoya, Aichi, Representative and President: Hiroaki Kitazawa) and Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President, CEO & COO: Ryoichi Nawa) also invested in Smart Holdings.

1. Background

In the automobile industry, which is facing a once-in-a-century period of major change, innovative technology and services involving four CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared,

Electric) elements are being developed. In addition to responding to newly added functions such as autonomous driving and electrification, demands for conventional performance such as responding to environmental regulations and improving safety and reliability are becoming more pronounced. Thus, major issues in the field of next-generation automobile development are securing more advanced technical ability and a lack of resources for rapidly increasing development manpower.

2. Purpose of Investment

Toyota Tsusho embarked upon the full-scale development of automotive software in 2004 in addition to its conventional sales of semiconductors and electronic parts through NEXTY Electronics Corporation, its core subsidiary in the electronics business. It has created a wide client network focusing on automobile-related manufacturers through sales of automotive semiconductors and automotive software development in not only Japan, but various overseas bases.

Smart Implement Inc., a subsidiary of Smart Holdings, has advanced technological development functions in the field of automobile control system development, an area of particular importance in automobile development. With this capital and business coordination, Toyota Tsusho hopes to integrate its automotive semiconductor and automotive software business with Smart Implement’s cutting-edge technology. This will help to expand and enhance total engineering functions ranging from automotive system development control design to conformity assessment, and thereby contribute to next-generation automobile development.

Smart Holdings Company Outline

Name of the Company Smart Holdings Inc.
Representative Director: Koichiro Sato
Dec. 2010
6-6-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business Overview
Smart Group presiding company
Combined number of employees
484 people (as of end of Dec., 2018)
821.75 million yen

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