Toyota Tsusho Investment in U.S.-Based Airbiquity, a Developer of Over the Air Systems for Next-Generation Connected Cars
- Collaboration on Practical OTA Reprogramming of Control Software -

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Toyota Tsusho Corporation ("Toyota Tsusho") announces that Toyota Tsusho, Toyota Motor Corporation ("Toyota Motor"), and Denso Corporation ("Denso") made a joint investment through a private placement in Airbiquity Inc. ("Airbiquity"), a U.S.-based developer of over the air (OTA*) preprogramming systems for control software. The purpose is to collaborate on development and commercialization of OTA reprogramming systems for control software used in next-generation connected cars. Toyota Tsusho invested $5 million.

1. Background

Automobile control is performed by control software embedded in on-board electronic control units (ECU). As automobiles incorporate numerous functions, the importance of control software is rising. Remote updates will be an essential function for next-generation connected cars to enhance product features through the addition of functions after sale and to respond rapidly if a defect occurs.

OTA is a technology and function that makes remote updates possible through the transmission and receipt of data using wireless communications and is a key technology for the realization of next-generation connected cars.

2. Purpose of the Investment

Airbiquity develops control software OTA reprogramming systems based on its accumulated OTA reprogramming technology and know-how for car Infotainment system software and other systems.

Through this investment, Toyota Tsusho aims to accelerate the commercialization of the control software OTA reprogramming system developed by Airbiquity and to provide service to automobile manufacturers. In addition, Toyota Tsusho will collaborate with Toyota Motor and Denso on system development and work towards the installation of such systems on actual vehicles.

Toyota Tsusho will contribute to the creation of a safe and secure mobility society and the realization of convenient and comfortable mobility lifestyles by enhancing the functionality of next-generation connected cars.

Overview of Airbiquity

Airbiquity Inc.
Head office
Seattle, Washington, USA
Established 1997
President and CEO Kamyar Moinzadeh
Business description
Development of OTS reprogramming systems, provision of services

* Over The Air:
A remote updating function for software. Software installed in automotive control computers can be updated using a dedicated communications module (DCM), mobile phone line, or WiFi communications. This makes it possible to safely add or correct functions of control software from a remote location.

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