Toyota Tsusho Collaborates with Leading Australian Energy Company to Provide Energy Solutions in Japan and Australia
-Commenced Bilateral Feasibility Study in Conjunction with EnergyAustralia-

Toyota Tsusho Corporation (hereinafter Toyota Tsusho) and EnergyAustralia (Head office: Melbourne), one of Australia's leading electricity and gas companies, announce today that the two companies have begun investigating the feasibility of expanding technologies, products and services for the purpose of improving energy efficiency in both Japan and Australia.

The companies are planning market expansion and commercialization of new technologies, and superior products and services already being sold and provided in their countries, in each other's markets.

1. Background

From the perspective of climate change and other measures, there is an increasing level of interest in energy conservation in Australia. In December 2015, the country announced its National Energy Productivity Plan targeting a 40% improvement in energy productivity1 by 2030 compared to the 2015 level.

Japan, on the other hand, has some of the most advanced energy-saving technologies among developed countries. With countries all around the world working to tackle global warming and climate change, Japan’s technologies, products and services are attracting particular attention. Demand from both businesses and consumers is expected to grow going forward.

2. Future Initiatives

Toyota Tsusho and EnergyAustralia will jointly investigate the demand, markets and feasibility of energy-saving technologies and products of each country with a view to commercialization. Toyota Tsusho will work with Japanese manufacturers and service providers to provide EnergyAustralia’s customers with highly energy efficient products to contribute to improved energy efficiency in Australia. At the same time, pioneering energy efficiency initiatives that are currently implemented in Australia, with its electricity and gas market deregulation and adoption of renewable energy measures, will be introduced to the Japanese market in order to contribute to improved energy efficiency for Japan’s energy consumers.

1. Energy Productivity = GDP / Energy Consumption