Toyota Tsusho to Invest in Magellan Systems Japan, which Possesses Centimeter-Class Satellite Positioning Technologies
-Collaborating in the development of markets for high-accuracy satellite positioning businesses-

Toyota Tsusho Corporation (Toyota Tsusho) hereby announces that it has invested in Magellan Systems Japan, Inc. (Magellan), a company that possesses centimeter-class satellite positioning technologies, with the aim of collaborating in businesses areas that utilize high-accuracy satellite positioning technologies.

1. Background of Investment

The Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS), commonly known as “Michibiki,” is regarded as a Japanese version of the GPS. Following the successful launch of a fourth satellite late last year, the system is scheduled to begin full-scale operations as a four-satellite system in November 2018. Michibiki will enable high-accuracy satellite positioning, and demand for both industrial and consumer use of high-accuracy positioning is expected to grow.

2. Purpose of Investment

Magellan is the first company in the world to have developed and launched high-accuracy independent positioning receivers that utilize Michibiki. It is a leading company in its field and highly regarded by the market.

Through this investment, Toyota Tsusho intends to utilize Magellan’s high-accuracy positioning technologies in automated driving systems in the fields of automobiles and agricultural and construction equipment, and roll these systems out globally. At the same time, Toyota Tsusho intends to create a variety of services utilizing these systems, and aims to develop the nascent market for high-accuracy satellite positioning businesses.

In particular, Toyota Tsusho is considering services in the following three areas: advanced ITS services, including lane-level traffic congestion information distribution and V2X*1; fully automated services, such as delivery services that utilize drones and self-propelled robots; and services aimed at smart farming and i-Construction*2, which make use of automated agricultural and construction equipment.

Toyota Tsusho's goal is to contribute via these services to the resolution of societal problems. These include the realization of a safe and economical road traffic society, and both energy and labor savings in the agricultural and construction industries, where an aging workforce and shortage of labor are growing concerns.

Toyota Tsusho’s investment in Magellan is being carried out by the company’s Next Technology Fund.

Profile of Magellan Systems Japan, Inc.

Magellan Systems Japan, Inc.
Amagasaki, Hyogo
July 1993 (Founded: February 1987)
CEO Nobuhiro Kishimoto
Business scope
The research and development of ultra-high sensitivity and high-accuracy satellite systems, the licensing of such systems, and the possession of software and hardware related to GNSS applications.

*1 V2X, which stands for “Vehicle to Everything,” is a Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) wireless communications system. The system bypasses the cloud to enable direct communications between one vehicle and another, and between a vehicle and traffic lights, road signs and other infrastructure; in so doing, it aims to reduce road traffic accidents and congestion.

*2 i-Construction is a new standard that utilizes ICT technologies in all construction processes, from surveys and design to construction and management, with the aim of improving productivity on construction sites.