Alert Regarding Malicious Emails Pretending to be from TTC Group

As you may be aware, these days, the danger of cyber-attacks has been increasing and more fraudulent E-mails/Business E-mail Compromise cases have been reported. In addition, the tactics of email fraud have become more sophisticated. For example, fraudulent emails which is replying to legitimate emails have been observed.

Under such circumstances, we have detected malicious emails pretending to be from TTC group have been sent to one of our business partners. The emails were sent from fake domains (one character was changed from legitimate one). *1

If you feel suspicious about the contents of the email, please do not neither open the attached file nor click the URL link on the email, and immediately delete such emails completely from your mail box.

In addition, TTC group companies will not request business partners to change bank account only by email, so please be especially careful when you receive such e-mails.

If you receive such emails, please do not reply to the email, do not remit payment and take actions below to judge the request is legitimate or not.

  1. aMake a direct phone call to TTC group PIC
  2. bMake an inquiry by new e-mail instead of replying to the received suspicious e-mails


*1 Example of fake domain

  • Legitimate
  • Fake