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Jun Karube

Toyota Tsusho is a company where people are committed to enriching society through their products, services, and operations. That includes working through our business to tackle issues of broad social concern, including nationaldevelopment needs. A good example is a 60 billion yen ($53 million) order that we won in March 2017 to build electric transformer stations in the Republic of Iraq. Electric power shortages and resultant blackouts are a chronic problem in that nation, and electric utilities there are pushing ahead with the construction and upgrading of power plants. Expanding Iraq's network of transformer stations is a crucial condition for bringing the increased power capacity online.

In other examples of addressing national-development needs and other social concerns through business, we have built a fertilizer plant in the Republic of Kenya and a hospital in India. Such initiatives signal an increasingly proactive approach to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility. Our attention in that realm long centered on the fundamental responsibility for minimizing environmental impact, for respecting basic human rights, and for ensuring ethical corporate behavior in our ongoing business. Now, we are taking the initiative in identifying business opportunities in devising solutions for social needs.

August 2017
Jun Karube
President and CEO

Our CSR Philosophy

Toyota Tsusho has formulated its corporate philosophy, which describes the significance of the Toyota Tsusho Group's existence and its ideal image, and which clarifies the intention of management initiatives. Our behavioral guidelines have been established to stipulate the behavior expected of all officers and employees. The fundamental philosophy of management at Toyota Tsusho—comprised of two components—is positioned as the highest, unchanging concept, which should be handed down through all generations.

At Toyota Tsusho, we consider the realization of our corporate philosophy through the practice of the behavioral guidelines to be a basic policy of CSR activities. We believe that CSR is the determining factor of how all corporate activities should be and is, in itself, corporate management.

Furthermore, in 2016 we devised our Global Code of Conduct & Ethics (COCE), giving concrete form to the content of the behavioral guidelines, which underpins the corporate philosophy, and issued a booklet on it in 20 languages. We aim to realize our corporate philosophy and the Toyota Tsusho Global Vision by having all officers and employees of the Toyota Tsusho Group worldwide fully understand and practice the shared COCE.

Fundamental Philosophy

Global Code of Conduct & Ethics (10 creeds)

Toyota Tsusho formulated the Global Code of Conduct & Ethics to provide more specific guidelines to support the Corporate Philosophy and announced it on July 1, 2016. The Global Code of Conduct & Ethics is a set of regulations for ethical conduct to be shared, firmly understood, and practiced throughout the world by every executive and employee of the Toyota Tsusho Group for the purpose of realizing the Corporate Philosophy and Global Vision.

  1. 1.We are committed to "ANZEN" to create a safe and healthy work environment.
  2. 2.We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations; including anti-corruption, anti-trust and competition law, and trade laws and regulations.
  3. 3.We are committed to accurate financial reporting.
  4. 4.We are accountable for compliance with all company rules.
  5. 5.We will act with integrity, honesty and transparency, and protect and develop trust among all stakeholders.
  6. 6.We will contribute to the sustainable development of society.
  7. 7.We will promote and pursue environmentally friendly corporate activities.
  8. 8.We will add value through innovation and "Kaizen" (continuous improvement).
  9. 9.We will respect human rights.
  10. 10.We will embrace diversity and inclusion within our company and society.

CSR Promotion Structure

The CSR Committee (chaired by the president & CEO) meets once annually, in principle, as the central organization for CSR initiatives. It aims to establish the structure for promotion of our CSR activities and to monitor their progress. Furthermore, the committee shares CSR-related information, reports on both CSR that addresses social issues and CSR that fulfills basic corporate responsibility and maximizes social contribution, as well as deliberates matters, including implementation plans.

In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017, the CSR Committee was composed of its regular members, with Outside Directors Yoriko Kawaguchi and Kumi Fujisawa and two full-time Audit & Supervisory Board members attending as observers.

CSR Committee Members

Important Issues in CSR

Currently, we have selected important issues in three domains of CSR initiatives based upon the Global Vision, considering stakeholder expectations and interest, and Toyota Tsusho’s impact upon the economy, environment, and society. We drive sustainable business activities centered upon these. Furthermore, we also undertake CSR activities with an awareness of our contribution to the SDGs.

CSR Priorities

Three Domains of CSR Initiatives and Contribution toward Social Issues