Techno-park Business Corporation To Be Established in Indonesia
- Establishment of P.T. TT Techno‐Park Indonesia -

Toyota Tsusho Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Toyota Tsusho", Headquarters: Nagoya City; President: Jun Karube;) will launch a techno-park business in Indonesia through the establishment of P.T. TT Techno-Park Indonesia.

Purpose of establishing the company (techno-park business)

While Japanese automobile manufacturers increase production in Indonesia, Toyota Tsusho is promoting overseas advancement of automobile parts manufacturers ,furthermore contributing to increasing the local procurement rates of Japanese automobile manufacturers, including Toyota Motor Corporation. This is achieved through leasing (land, manufacturing plants, clerical offices) and providing support services for clerical work (general affairs, accounting, finance and human resources) to automobile parts manufacturers seeking to advance their manufacturing capabilities in Indonesia, in order to reduce the initial investments and risks involved in advancing overseas for the companies , as well as they can concentrate on production.

Background and history

Automobile production in Indonesia exceeded 700,000 cars in 2010. This trend is expected to continue (to attain a scale of one million cars by 2015), due to the enormous population of 240 million, the steady growth of the GDP/personal income, as well as the small car policy of the country.
As the advancement of automobile parts manufacturers in Indonesia is expected to accelerate in the future Toyota Tsusho will secure sites for new advancements and provide support services for clerical work to automobile parts manufacturers in these circumstances. Furthermore, the local businesses of Toyota Tsusho (logistics companies, engineering companies, etc.) will be consolidated into this district in order to enhance the services provided to customers.

Corporate Summary