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3Our Strengths

Locally rooted value chain

Toyota Tsusho has developed unique functions to provide added value far beyond the scope of a traditional trading company. While traditional trading companies simply supply materials and products, Toyota Tsusho makes business investments to develop resources for raw materials, plan and establish efficient supply structures, and reuse and recycle waste products. We have special organizations within our company to promote cost reductions and kaizen (continuous improvement) using the Toyota Production System (TPS). Our sites implement comprehensive kaizen activities in logistics, production, and administrative operations, and we also promote these activities among our partners and customers.

Example : Automotive Sector

Value-creating businesses throughout the world

With over 900 group companies conducting business in more than 60 countries, Toyota Tsusho promotes a broad lineup of products and services delivered via a range of business models. We grasp the needs of local customers through an "on-site, hands-on" approach, relying on local staff to develop business from a local perspective. We develop and enhance unique functions from a dedicated customer-oriented approach, and while our divisions maintain highly specialized expertise in their respective fields, they also combine their know-how and capabilities to generate synergy and create new value.

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Business Model

Toyota Tsusho's fundamental business model is trading. We provide information services, logistics, financing, risk management and other functions for import/export and domestic/overseas trading businesses. These functions add unique value to our products and services consistent with the needs of our customers.
Business investment is another important business model used by trading companies. We engage in development and investment-type business which goes beyond simple commercial transactions. We are accelerating our investments in promising business fields and markets, in collaboration with our partners around the world.

Business fields leveraging our strengths

The merger of Toyota Tsusho and Tomen combined Toyota Tsusho's strengths in the automotive sector with Tomen's capabilities in non-automotive sectors to generate synergy between the companies' expertise and business networks. The capital investment in CFAO in 2012 further expanded our capabilities. CFAO is promoting our expertise throughout its northern and western Africa bases, while we are promoting CFAO's healthcare capabilities in our core regions. Together, we will create synergy to take on new challenges in Africa by sharing our business relations and networks and broadening our capabilities.

Toyota Tsusho's and CFAO's African Operations