All Toyota Tsusho Group officers and employees are involved in the following measures relating to our relationship with society, which have been undertaken from a variety of perspectives with a focus on human resources and safety.

Principles concerning employees

We aim to realize our management strategies without being constrained by past experiences or preconceptions and based on the watchwords real source and "On site, Hands on, In touch." Accordingly, from the perspective of overall optimization, the Toyota Tsusho Group will employ, develop and advance employees who can cooperate and lead the way to an even better future.

Key points for promoting CSR from an employee perspective

Point1:Build an environment that allows employees to work with vitality.

To enable a company and its employees to realize continuous growth, it is essential to create a workplace environment and systems that make employees' work rewarding and fulfilling. With this in mind, we are devising a number of measures to build such an environment and systems.

Point2:Create frameworks for promoting constant and autonomous reforms and kaizen.

We regard a company's responsibility as enabling employees to act with self-initiative, with an unceasing desire to pursue reforms and kaizen (continuous improvement). Toyota Tsusho is building systems and frameworks that promote such actions.

Point3:Develop human resources capable of responding flexibly, quickly and sincerely to changes in the global business environment.

The management environment is evolving at a breathtaking pace. Even so, we will work to strengthen our business functions and develop human resources capable of continually undertaking sincere business activities.

Point4:Promote teamwork with an eye toward overall optimization as an organization.

We are building organizations that enable overall optimization by respecting individuality and including diversity. To do so, we believe it is essential to have a corporate culture that fosters mutual respect and ensures sufficient vertical, horizontal and diagonal communication. We are currently creating a framework for such a corporate culture.