Global Code of Conduct & Ethics(10 creeds)

  1. 1We are committed to "ANZEN" to create a safe and healthy work environment.
  2. 2We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations; including anti-corruption, anti-trust and competition law, and trade laws and regulations.
  3. 3We are committed to accurate financial reporting.
  4. 4We are accountable for compliance with all company rules.
  5. 5We will act with integrity, honesty and transparency, and protect and develop trust among all stakeholders.
  6. 6We will contribute to the sustainable development of society.
  7. 7We will promote and pursue environmentally friendly corporate activities.
  8. 8We will add value through innovation and "Kaizen" (continuous improvement).
  9. 9We will respect human rights.
  10. 10We will embrace diversity and inclusion within our company and society.